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Local Bank in East Tennessee. I Prettied up the Images with Some Color Editing. .. As You Probably Already Know, I love Pinks, Purples and Blues. .. Also, my phone was upset with me for writing “prettied up.” It kept autocorrecting me. .. I know it’s not a word, but it’s my blog and I told the phone that I’m using made-up words if I like them. I’m too old and too tired of being shoved into boxes that are constructs of ther people. 🌺 .. So I prettied up the damn pictures and I’m happy with them now. The bank looks much better in purples and blues, don’t you think ? .. The building is a very nice architecture design though. .. It has beautiful lines. That’s what made me want to photograph it. .. I’m also writing this post in the space where the title should be. I know that too. I’m just feeling rebellious today. Tired of the restraints and the boxes people are trying to shove me into. .. Have a peaceful day if you can. And climb out of the box , especially if anyone is trying to tell you there is no box.