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Draw it in

Reach out 

There’s hope

There has to be

There are good people

in the world to find…

Reach within

There’s  more

Inside of you

Your soul

Your spirit

The things you are capable of

will surprise you

Reach all around…

for spiritual support

it is all around you

in the energy of all that is

You just have to grab it

and draw it in

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Do Unto Others as You Would Want If You Were In Their Shoes

Everyone has heard the phrase from the bible “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” This is a translation and most people have a general idea about what the point of it is. It is hard to know what the original words were or of they even translate into English with the exact meaning in tact.

I like to rephrase this in my own mind to “Do unto others as you would have done unto you, if you were them.” You can see that I added three simple words at the end.

I was thinking of writing about my reasons for liking to think of it and also why I teach this version to my children. it is not so much that the standard wording is bad or that anything is really wrong with it. This is not to offend anyone who sticks strictly to the exact wordings of the scriptures.

My version captures the original sentiment that was intended by the words, in a way that is safer and more clear, in my opinion. The reason for adding the last three words, is that people tend to assume that other people want to be treated the way that they want to be treated. People also assume that other people feel the same way as they do, about things.

Everyone is different and unless you are inside of another person’s brain, you do not know what it is like in there. A very simplistic example would be helping someone to bed.

If you were to attempt to recreate your most comfortable sleeping arrangements, in the name of making doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, then you might turn out the lights and cover them with blankets. However, it is very possible that the other person is most comfortable sleeping with the lights on and only a sheet covering them.

if we think of the original words, in a logical way, then it actually comes out the same as the version I like. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Well what I would have done unto me, is that I would have the person check with me about what I feel. I would want to be asked and listened to.

So, if you were going to tuck me into bed, I would not want you to just assume how I feel safe and comfortable sleeping. I would not want you to turn out the lights, just because you like to sleep in the dark. I would want you to ask me how I want the lights to be. In my case, I would want something still on, but not necessarily a bright overhead light.

If i were to follow the rule “do unto others as I would want done unto me” then I would have to ask you how you wanted the lights and the blankets, rather than assuming that the way I sleep should be the way you sleep. I would want you to ask me, therfore to be true to “as you would have done unto you” I would have to ask you how I should tuck you in.

Do you want the blankets? Do you want darkness or a nightlight? Do you want a stuffed animal, like I sleep with? Do you want a kiss on the forehead to assure you that you are safe, the way I do with the old grandma’s I take care of for work?

The point is to respect the rights, feelings and thoughts of the other person. I feel like this has become a lost art.

So, now I say goodnight. Since you are curious to know…I sleep with 5 very soft blankets and no sheet. Sheets are too cold on my skin. I sleep with my socks on.

I like the bunny in his cage, right next to my bed for company.  I have to have a small light on. Never complete darkness. And yes, I do have my favorite stuffed animals in my bed with me My current favorites are my little cow, my little pig and my sheep that has a baby sheep in her arms. I will take some pictures for you tomorrow, but it is time to sleep.

Blessings and may everyone do unto others as they would have done unto them, if they were them.


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Value Each Moment With People You Choose

Focus on the person right in front of you

Pay attention to the things that they say

Discover who they are and how they feel

Decide if your time is worth spending with them

Be decisive and clear with yourself

If you decide to be with them

Then give them this moment of your time

Value the moment to the full extent that you can

Learn more about them and see what they see

Find something in common to connect on

Learn how they are similar and struggle the same

Validate them so they are not alone

Learn what is different about their life than yours

Add this learning into your scope of understanding

Every person you choose to connect with

Can open yours eyes to new ways

To view the world as they see it

Each person you spend a moment with

Can give you a great gift of a new perspective

That may enlighten your soul and invigorate your mind

It is like reading a book and seeing what the characters see

Experiencing the world from the character’s point of view

Everyone has a different story and a view that’s unique

You can add little pieces of them to yourself

The more you really listen and are open to learn…

the more you will gain for yourself

New knowledge and new ways of seeing things

Every moment has potential for new possibilities

If you hold the moments dear to your heart

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Live Like It’s Your Last Day

Live like it’s your last day

To hope

To Love

To be real

Live like it’s your last day

To create

To become

To feel

Live like it’s your last day

 Inspire and encourage

 Comfort and support

 Connect and discuss

Live like it’s your last day

To discover and to share

To believe and teach the others

To be sisters, friends and brothers

Live like it’s your last day

Your uniqueness must be shared

Your creativity and your flair

Your  true nature is always there

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L I N E A R   T I M E

IS Over RateD

PoSsiBLy MISconCeived

InCorRecTly BeLieVed


Normally Viewed as True





The LOVE 🙂

The important information

The heartfelt deep sensations

The passion

The intellect


The StuFF


The kindess

that  makes us real


Separates Us

From the Plants and the rocks

The GOOd StuFF

Is not in the years…

or in the weeks or days…


The moments

of Connection



Compassionate Touch


FeeLiNG So MuCh…








The EssEncE







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Buddhist Meditation Poem

Quiet peace

Silent mind

Still body

Calm breath

Self Acceptance

Self Forgiveness

No guilt

No debt

No attachment

No bereavement

No fear

No remorse

No regret

No torment

No violence

No pain

No depression

No anxiety

No confusion

No shame

Just quiet

Just peace

Simply Being

Pure Existence

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Live Like It’s Your Last Day

Live like it’s your last day

To hope

To Love

To be real

Live like it’s your last day

To create

To become

To feel

Live like it’s your last day

 Inspire and encourage

 Comfort and support

 Connect and discuss

Live like it’s your last day

To discover and to share

To believe and teach the others

To be sisters, friends and brothers

Live like it’s your last day

Your uniqueness must be shared

Your creativity and your flair

Your  true nature is always there


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Top 10 Reasons That Homeless People Cannot Get a Job and Get Back Inside / Please Donate Coats and Blankets

The local soup kitchens will be accepting donations of coats, hats, gloves and blankets.

If you go there you can bring them to the office. They are also looking for volunteers to serve food if you have time.

I have done a lot of volunteer work with the homeless people in my area. I know them personally. It is very very cold to sleep outside. It is a terrible thing.

It seems like they are an alien race compared to everyone else. They know they are perceived that way.

They all have families. Most of them had jobs and apartments. The economy is bad and some of them just could not pay the rent.

Once you are living outside it is very hard to get back inside again.

1. There is no shower to get cleaned up for a job interview.

2. There is no address you can put on a job application.

3. There is no phone number the job can reach you at.

4. There is no current job they can call for a reference. Even people who are living inside have trouble getting hired if they are not currently working.

5. There is no place to wash clothes and no way to purchase job interview clothes.

6. There is usually no one they can put for a personal reference. Most people stop talking to a family member of friend once they become homeless.

7. There is no alarm clock to wake you up for an interview.

8. Many of them have some mental illness which is a disability that keeps them from being able to keep a job. yes, the social services should help get them of the street but it is complicated. That is for another blog.

9. They are depressed and have very low self-esteem about getting a job.

10. They have become part of a subculture that is rejected by society. Most places would not even let them in the door, never mind hire them.

11. Most of the homeless people have lost all of their documents, like drivers license, birth certificate and ss card. It is nearly impossible to keep these things outside. They get stolen by other homeless people or they get wet from the weather.

It is easy to judge and say these people should just get a job and get off the street but once you are out there , it is like a life sentence of misery and fear.

These are things that I know from talking to the people, getting to know them and observing how they live. I have personally visited people at the soup kitchen and at their camps in the woods and in abandoned buildings.

I could tell some stories but that is for another day.

Please check through your storage and closets and see what you don’t need. Your coats and blankets could save someone from freezing to death or getting very ill.

Usually the soup kitchen are at a church. If you are not sure, you may or may not find out online. If you call around to the local churches, it is likely that someone will know which church or churches have lunch at the church for the homeless.

You can also take them to the homeless shelter. Most shelters only allow 15 – 30 days for them to stay. It is a short reprieve from living outside. The shelters do not keep them permanently. They rotate people through there. A lot of people do not know that.

Thank you so much.


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The Truth Will Set Us Free

Your truth is what you know it to be. Do not let anyone manipulate you into believing what they say is the truth. You have your own mind and your own heart. You have your own point of view and way of seeing the world.

Your way of viewing the world may be different that other people. It may even be very unusual. You may feel like you are the only person in a situation that perceives the truth the way you do.

Your truth is valid. It is your truth. The other people could be completely wrong in their perspective of a situation.

Many people just go along with what everyone else says is the truth. However the masses see it or however the social group sees it, they internalize that reality.

Your reality is your reality. If you see that something is unjust, it very well may be. Just because the others say it is justice does not mean they are correct. Hold onto your beliefs.

Sometimes someone will tell you that you handled a situation the wrong way. It was not the way they would have handled it. It was not in their best interest. It was not within the “rules” or the “status quo”

Screw the status quo. Think for yourself.

When everyone goes along with everyone else, no one thinks at all. When individuals stop thinking for themselves, they put their liberty in harms way.

We are individuals. We have various perspectives on things. Sometimes two people with a different perspective on a situation can come to a very wise solution if they hear each other out.

There may be truth in each point of view that the other person did not think of. In listening with respect and considering each other’s point of view as intelligent, they can come up with a better plan together than they could alone.

When people blindly follow the masses, there is a lack of individuality. There is a lack of perspective and creativity.

All the great inventions and visions came out of creative thought and an ability to think outside the box. Gandhi was a visionary and a revolutionary. He could see the truth and what had to be changed. He stood by his beliefs.

Galileo discovered that the earth revolves around the sun. The church at the time taught that everything revolved around the earth. This is called geocentrism.

The people all believed that the earth was the center of the universe because that it what the church said.

If Galileo had been like the other and just believed without looking, then he never would have discovered the truth. He wanted to see for himself. he invented a spyglass (the predecessor of the telescope) in order to view the heavens. Through his observation and calculations, he discovered the truth.

His truth was in conflict with the church. The church was very powerful and did not like to be made a fool of. They felt that they would be discredited by his findings. They wanted people to follow the church blindly.

They arrested Galileo and put him on a trial that was to prove that Galileo was a heretic for speaking against the beliefs of the church. He was found guilty and sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life.

Of course years later, we are glad for all the discoveries he made, including the telescope and the thermometer. He was an original thinker and looked at things from a different perspective from the status quo.

All the great music, art and inventions were created by people who could think outside the box.

When people stop thinking for themselves, no one thinks at all.

What a dull place the world would be without the creators and the inventors and the visionaries.

Thomas Jefferson was a visionary and a great leader. He wove a tapestry of some of the most beautiful and inspired words ever written. The Declaration of Independence is about the most beautiful writing you will ever read. If you have never read it, please do.

Even though this is true, the masses do not accept people who think differently than they do. The government fears people who can think for themselves. The government that we have at this time wants people to follow blindly.

Original thinkers, people who look for the truth are a threat to the status quo.
But don’t let that stop you. The world needs people who can think and see truth.

God bless the original thinkers and those who can think outside the box. God bless the visionaries and those who stand up for justice and liberty.

Look at the rules and consider them but evaluate each situation for yourself with your own mind.

God gave us our minds to think, not to just follow what others say is right.

The truth will set us free in our minds and our hearts.