dark poetry, life, mental abuse, mental illness, narcissistic abuse, poetry


Alone in this room
like a cave of protection
I can feel the monsters
They are hungry
Hungry for the blood
of my heart
Aching to spill my compassion
onto the floor
And leave me to bathe
in the carnage
The monsters deceive
They lie and they cheat
Show you the beauty
of what you dream of
in your deepest dreams
that only you know
They find their way in
to the farthest
most protected temples
of your mind
They steal
what was never theirs
to take
Then reflect to you
what you desire
In you innermost being
never letting you know
how they snuck into
your temples
and stole out your desires
is something they play at
Moving their pawns
where they want them to go
Into harms way
Without letting them know