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See Me, Love Me

See me

For who I am

What I believe in

What my intent is

Know me

For what I love

What I fear

What i need

Like me

For how I laugh

How I play

How I share

Experience me

For how I listen

How I see

How I touch

Join me

In growing close

Making memories

Creating magic

Love me

For how I think

How much  I give

How I understand you

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Hold My Hand Ten Times

Hold my hand one time

My companion and my listener

Hold my hand two times

My consoler and my validator

Hold my hand three times

My shelter from the storm

Hold my hand four times

My medicine man and healer

Hold my hand five times

My friend and confidant

Hold my hand six times

My supporter and biggest fan

Hold my hand seven times

My strong and handsome man

Hold my hand eight times

My muse and inspiration

Hold my hand nine times

My hope and adoration

Hold my hand ten times

My lover and my soul mate

The reason I stay up late

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End of the Day

The day has come

to reach it’s end

For you and I

and us and them

To sleep a while

perhaps to rest


upon your chest

Your hands caress

my head and hair

your lips can kiss

my forehead there

I wish it were true

that you were here

but it’s all in a dream

Then you disappear

Your voice over the phone

is faint and distant

Like imagery dreams

upon a lake

with castles on

the hilltop green

and mermaids singing

but never seen

life, poem, poetry

The Place I Will Always Call Home


is the feeling I have when I’m with you


is the sound of your voice


is the warmth of your hand holding my hand


is the smile on your face

Of all of the places I’ve lived in my lifetime

There’s none that can  truly compare

To the way that I feel

When you hold me so close

And you  stroke your hand over my hair

The way you support me when I am successful

And catch me whenever I fall

So we may end up

In a house here or there

In the places

where you want to roam

I know in my heart

Anyplace where you are

Is the place

That I’ll always call