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Is All This Rushing Around Really Getting us Anywhere any Faster ?

Is all this rushing around, as if everything were a dire emergency, actually getting us places any faster?

You see it all the time… People parking in handicapped spaces , customers cutting in front of each other and drivers speeding past you on the streets.

When I was a little girl, my father used to have a “game” he enjoyed playing with these annoying, speeding drivers. He would beep at them at each red light thus letting them know that they were still not any farther ahead.

This served, no doubt, to annoy the speeder. It also provided some well-needed , if slightly twisted, entertainment for Dad.

Recently, at a nursing home I was  volunteering at,  a  supervisor  decided that the workers were not fast enough.

At a nursing home, there is a procedure for transporting a group of residents from one room to another.   You have to make sure that none of the elderly residents are left unattended.

The typical system is the following:
one worker stays in the original room,
the second worker helps people into the new room,  the third worker transports people     (This way , everyone is being supervised).

So the new supervisor  was barking orders.

“Get moving!”  they  called.Everyone should be wheeling them. Go go-go. One two three. ”  “We all must move fast. Fast fast fast!!  One, Two, Three. ” she yelled.

“Get one of them , run  them to the room, then run back fast to get the next one .”  In the meantime, leaving the first room unattended.

We were speeding a group of 90 year women  to a room to do crafts with them for the next two hours. Thus, in fact, SPEEDING ALL OF US TO THE STOP LIGHT.

So why is it,  that so many people are rushing but not thinking? Who is it that sets all these so-called deadlines anyway?

I mean, I understand that certain things  have to have a deadline.  But do we have to assign a deadline to everything?

Maybe some things are just supposed to take as long as they take. Like walking an 85 year old man with a walker and pushing a 97 year old woman in her wheelchair.

So , there you have it.  My RANT about RUSHING.

I mean really! I think I saw three old ladies’ slippers and one old poor old guy’s hat go flying off down the hallway!! LOL

So… faster is more efficient and saves us time…or does it? I don’t think so.

What are we prioritizing? And what are we saving the time to use it for?


Had I followed that logic that day,  I never would have had time to listen to 99 year old Daisy tell me the names of her great grandchildren again (For the fifth time, bless her sweet heart, but I listen every time)

I never would have had the time to walk 90 year old, Wilma over to the piano. And patience to respond to her that “yes” she did play piano.

I never would have had the patience to wait, while the music made it’s way into her long , beautiful, fingers that I had so lovingly placed on the keys.

So, slow down a little. If only here and there. Stop and smell the roses. Spend time with a special person. You don’t want to miss the amazing music along the way.