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His delicious words spilled out upon the page

Like sensual kisses so perfectly placed

She drank them in like drops of sin

And like green ivy vines, those words intertwined

The seducer and the seduced

The dance went on late into the night

As she hung on his every sweet word

Failing to notice his predator’s stare

Or the small drops of blood on his vest

She couldn’t resist giving in to desire

Till his teeth sunk deep into her flesh



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Hold me closer for a moment
Feel my breath upon you neck
Lay down with me for a while
So I forget who came before you

Be my only passionate lover
I will be your angel
with the devilish smile
Quench my soul with honest need
Drench my heart with raw emotion

Speak your truth and search for mine
As equal players in the game
Be soft and slow until I say
Cry soft tears and say my name

See how my soul is lost like yours
Injured by damage from the others
Seeking safety in each other’s arms
Seduced by mutual empathy

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Singular Passion

Shall we walk upon the sand
Telling tales while holding hands
Shall we kiss like lovers do
Making promises sweet and true

Shall we dance in the moonlit room

Holding each other’s hearts in our own …

Shall we lay in each other’s arms
Living for the moment’s pleasurable charms
Believing that we can hold on
with all our might
To keep the passion
of the night

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If You Meet the Devil at the Crossroads

Desperation aching 
 Sinful things calling
Sensual body shaking
Crossroads will be your falling
If you go to the crossroads
the devil will meet you there
Lose your lonesome wandering
the  payment won’t be fair
Make your choice my orphan child
the devil will take your fare
After all what do you have to lose?
All you have is what you wear
If you go to the lonesome crossroads
the devil will make your deal
You will reach your dreams
but nothing is for free