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With my Own Two Hands – poem for my teenage daughter

Sirens whiz by on the road outside
Someone unknown to me is in trouble
I say a silent prayer.
The six o’clock news shows a video
People are homeless from a hurricane
I offer a silent prayer.
An accident occurs on the road as I drive
A person is in trouble
I call 911 on my cell.
My daughter spills hair dye on the new sweater
Her grandmother gave her for Christmas.
She cries…
I take her to the store and buy her an identical one
Happy to do it because
at least
for now…
She still has problems I can fix
With my own two hands.

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Hedden Park Photography by my Daughter

park trees lake rockss

bridgeparl trees lake rocks 2

park trees lake rocks

These are pictures that my twelve year old daughter took. She is developing a love for photography. These were taken at Hedden Park which is near to my home in New Jersey.

This is a great quality time activity that costs nothing. It was relaxing to walk in the nature and enjoy the beautiful discoveries together.

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Crystal Clear Lake with Cloud Reflections – photography

duck with cloud reflection

The water at the park on this day was crystal clear. It was like a mirror. You could see the clouds and the trees in the water like they were real.

The ducks were all out enjoying the sunshine and my daughter found some great opportunities for pictures, using my cell phone camera.

My daughter, the little photographer,  took lots of pictures this day. I will divide them between posts. . I was impressed at how well these came out. I promised her I would post them for you all to see.

duck tress clouds

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My Daughter and I Took These Cloud Photos

cloudsclouds 3

clouds 5

clouds 2<

My 12 year old daughter loves to take pictures with my cell phone. Any time she sees anything that looks like it would make a good photo, we stop and take pictures. She has gotten very good at keeping an eye out for beautiful nature.  

Every now and then I have to find a place to pull the car over, especially if it is a rainbow or a sunset that is limited by time. Otherwise if we are almost to where we are going, then we get the pictures when we get to the place and park the car.

These were taken last week from a parking lot of a doctor’s office. We got them when we came out from the appointment before we got into the car to drive home. 

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Chocolate Chip Pancakes for a Late Night Snack !

Okay so I am going to make my daughter chocolate chip pancakes at 10 pm. This is something I do once in a while just for fun. She loves to tell her friends that her mother is a little crazy and makes chocolate chip pancakes for a late night snack.

Life has to be whimsical for me sometimes and I like to share that with my kids. They are only young once and sometimes things should just be for fun .

I am taking her to the grocery store to get the pancake mix and then we will be making them, 

Try to do something like this…that is off the wall and does not make any logical sense. It does not hurt anyone and it breaks up the regular schedule and the monotony of being on autopilot.

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Your Personal Space Worsen Depression or It Can Inspire You

The way we have things in our spaces, especially our bedroom is important, even if we have a tiny space. Some people live in a nursing home, or in their parents home. You little but of space is all you have and it should have things in it that make you feel good.

Our space should represent ourselves and the things that we want out of life. You can make a dream board, or an accomplishments board. You can put up pictures of beautiful and inspiring things in the wall.

There should be things surrounding you that make the space feel like it is yours, even if you do not own the space.

The bedroom should have things that calm you and inspire you. If that is your only space ( it is my only space) then it is very important that it is set up in a way that feels like home to you. If you like having pictures of loved ones, then that is good. If you like pictures of animals, or nature, then you can find them in magazines or online.

Some people write poetry and put their poetry or songs on the wall. You can put up your own artwork or other artwork that you like. Make sure each thing that you have on the wall and on the tables to decorate, is something that speaks to you in a good way.

Depending on whether you tend to feel anxious or depressed, you can make your space calmer or more energized. When you are choosing colors think about how they make you feel, and how you want to feel in that space. Colors have a great effect on the mood and well being of many people. 

Get rid of stuff that has bad memories attached to it.  You may have things around you all the time, that make you feel bad or lower your self esteem and you do not even realize it.

Go through stuff and get rid of things. You will find things that you really like and have not had any room to put out. You will make room for things that represent your true self.

It is often hard to get motivated to work on your space, but your personal space is important to your mental health.

The mood of your space is important. Color can create mood.  Think about the colors around you and see how experimenting with different colors of items can make a difference.  Colors can be on the walls, in the blankets,  rug, curtains, stuffed animals, cloths covering dressers and shelves and other things.

Your bedroom should make you feel relaxed, calm and safe. If you have other rooms, then decide what mood you want to create in each room. Find ways to make the room feel that way to you.

Much love,

Annie…..as she cleans her messy room……

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Funny Pizza Story

I thought this was a funny thing and I guess it is good for kids to have parents with a sense of humor. First a short background tale…

When my older daughter (who is now 18) was very small, maybe 2 years old, her father and I learned our lesson about leaving pizza unattended with her around.

One night we ordered pizza from Dominoes and left it in the living room, where we were going to watch a movie, to go and get paper plates and drinks. We had only been out of the room for a few minutes.

When we returned all of the pepperoni, and all of the cheese was gone from the top of that pizza. Even some of the sauce had been licked off of the slices.

So, there we were left  with a big circle of dough for dinner.

We have recounted that story many times over the years and after that only one of us went to get drinks and the other guarded the pizza. LOL

Tonight I was making dinner . I guess I was multi-tasking of sorts because my daughter (the one in discussion) was in and out chatting with me and showing me the new outfit she had bought with her paycheck. She was very proud of it. It  is really cute and perfect for work, since she really did not have any professional looking clothes for working in a clothing store.

Also in and out, I was chatting on email with a friend and checking my other emails. I guess I was not paying attention to everything that was going on around me.

I had made the pizza and it was cooling. Since I have limited electrical cooking facilities, I have to cook one thing at a time. I was making the side dish, while the pizza sat on the table.

Guess what?

I stopped to get something from the table, and there was the pizza……cheese and pepperoni all gone off of several pieces. I stood there and laughed remembering when she was little. Also I had to laugh at myself a little because I was in the room the entire time and had not noticed her eating all the toppings and cheese off of the pizza.

naked pizza

Good thing for kids when their parents have a sense of humor. Even her sister laughed and I made her a BLT insead. Kids will be kids even at 18.