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Liebster Award Nominee StreetlightUSA / Awareness of Sex Trafficking is Needed in the US

One of the blogs I nominated for the Liebster award was StreetLightUSA. This is the blog of an organization that helps save the victims of sex trafficking in the US.

You may not realize how prevalent sex trafficking is in the US. It is a subject that is taboo in most circles. People do not want to think about it therefore it simply does not exist in their reality.

The truth is that more than 300,000 children are taken into sex trafficking every year in the United States. You can see the link below and the quote from StreetLightUSA blog. Please take a minute to visit their site and get more informed.

There needs to be more awareness of the reality of this nightmare in our country. My friend Denene Yates in Baltimore works with sex trafficking victims in the city she lives. I will put up a blog about her organization sometime. It is called the Safe House of Hope.

There is a hotline that takes information from anyone who sees any signs of sex trafficking. You can learn more at the  blog about how to identify signs and what to look for and be aware of. The number for reporting anything is  855-435-0900.

There are child victims in every stateThese children are tricked into going with the se traffickers or they are kidnapped. They are then abused and traumatized. All of them are afraid to seek help for fear of retaliation of their abusers , “owners”. in our country. The children in  major cities are at risk and the monsters also victimize children in small towns.

This is not a problem of the lower class. It is not isolated to any particular race or culture. Every class level, color of skin and type of living area is involved.

The children and teenagers are tricked into going with the criminals or they are kidnapped. They are abused and traumatized.

They are afraid to seek help. They fear the retaliation of their “owners”

This is slavery at its darkest and ugliest.

It is difficult to impossible for them to escape without help and support. They are monitored to ensure they are compliant and most of them are drugged as a form of chemical restraint.

These girls en up with mental illness as a result of their abuse. That is if they even survive.

They are abused on every level – physical, sexual, mental and financial. All the money they make goes to the “owners” and they are left barely eating and surviving. They are mentally tortured to the point that they have severe guilt, depression, anxiety and fear for their lives.

If they are saved, the victims need counseling for post traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts.

“About StreetLightUSA

More than 300,000 children are trafficked in the United States each year.* Approximately 1.8 million adolescents in the United States have been the victims of sexual assault. ** StreetLightUSA is the largest residential center in the country specializing in the care and healing of victims of child sex trafficking and sexual trauma. They combat this injustice through direct care for victims, public awareness, and prevention. Visit our Take Action page to start making a difference. ” quote from streetlightUSA

The following things are needed by anyone who can help.

“You can volunteer to make the lives of victims better once they are rescued, you can donate items the girls need, or you can donate funds to ensure we can continue to serve these child victims.” quote from blog streetlightUSA

Awareness is key to putting a stop to these crimes against our children and against society.

Make no mistake, the sex traffickers are real live monsters. 

They cannot be allowed to continue to victimize girls while society turns its head and does not see.

That is why I chose this site for the Liebster Award. It is my way of trying to generate awareness.

Thank you all for reading this and checking out their blog.