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Cover me with Roses…poetry for mental healing

Cover me with roses

Cover me with pearls

Turn all of my light off

Let me lie and curl

Cover me with blankets

Cover me with lace

I “breath in”  dark and silence

Dream of elegance and grace

Cover me with solitude

Make the demands all stop

I can’t meet them today

I am all covered

Toe to top

Cover me with blankets

Cover me with pearls

I’m not the one they think

I am a tired little girl

Cover me with nothing

Cover me with all

I am not really here

You will not catch me when I fall

Cover me and leave me

Take sensation all away

The mental torment also

I’ll not come out to play

Cover me with roses

Cover me with pearls

Leave me to my solitude

I am not of the world

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Insomnia Illness Poem

Near faint from exhaustion
Vision is blurred
Body craving sleep
Covers undisturbed

Obsessive, compulsive
Anxious, depressed
Pick one, any one
Have no success

Insomnia like a virus
Attacking my cells
Brain cells depleting
Self-loathing swells

How did it happen
I can’t recall when
I used to be normal
Like regular women

Torment of brain storm
Strangling health
Desperation burning
Trembling hell

Sleep will come find me
It knows where I hide
Alone in my torment
Imprisoned in my mind

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3:38 am Time for all Good Little Insomniacs to go to Sleep

I am tired. It must be time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleep. I know a couple of you will read this tonight. It is late and that means you are not able to sleep either. I am sorry to hear that and I hope you can pick up my sleepy energy from this and go to sleep.

We need sleep in order for our bodies to heal and regenerate properly. The sleep cycles are critical to our muscle repair and any tissue damage that has been sustained during the day, It is during REM sleep that our bodies go to work at healing the micro tears in bodies from the day.

Sleep deprivation causes problems with spacial memory. If you are sleep deprived, like me a lot of the time, you will have trouble remembering where you put things the day before. You might not remember where your car keys were placed or where you parked the car.

You also may have trouble keeping track of where you are setting things in the morning. (well in my case.morning is at noon when i wake up)

I always lose track of everything when I am trying to get ready for work. It sometimes carries over into the work day . a few hours later. I once looked for my work key in my purse. I was digging for it in my purse, thinking it was with my car keys.

The thing is that I wear that work key on a chain around my neck. It was on my neck, just hanging there, just like it has been every day at work for many many months now.

It was scary to me when I realized that I had forgotten the key was on my neck. I simply could not think properly to remember where to look for the key, to open the door.

So this is sleep deprivation. This is a problem of insomnia. I would not wish it on anyone.

I posted one of my insomnia poems on All Poetry,com. It was a description of the horrors of insomnia and how I felt that particular night.

Actually I might just reblog this poem. I think I will post it after this one, just before I go to sleep because I am feeling like I did when I wrote that poem.

I got a comment which said “you should change the name of the poem to drama queen. Haven’t you ever heard of being a night owl?”

And so it goes….Most  people are unsympathetic about things they have no idea about.

For the rest of you, you will be reading this when you wake up in a few hours and I am hopefully sound asleep. I will see your responses when I wake up at noon.

We are all on different time schedules, time zones and sleep schedules. It is nice that we connect anyway.

Good night to all, or good morning , as the case may be 🙂



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Will Lack of Proper Sleep Cause You to Gain Weight?

If you are not getting enough sleep, you may also notice that you are having a hard time controlling your weight.

Sleep deprivation has been proven in studies, to cause weight gain and overeating. You will feel hungry for food, at times when your body does not need to eat.

There are hormones that regulate when you feel hungry. These two hormones are supposed to balance properly to let you know when you need to eat and also when you are full.

The two hormones regulating appetite are Ghrelin and Leptin.

The hormone called Ghrelin is supposed to stimulate your appetite in order to have you eat when your body needs food. The other eating related hormone is called Leptin. The Leptin hormone is supposed to signal that you are full, so that you do not overeat.

The problem comes in, when you are not getting proper sleep. These hormones are balanced out during your sleep cycles.

If your sleep cycles are disrupted during the night, the hormones will become off balanced. The same problem will occur if you are not completing enough sleep cycles because you do not sleep for the necessary number of hours.

When you are sleep deprived, your Ghrelin levels go up. This will cause your appetite to go up, even when you do not need to eat. You will tend to overeat because you feel hungry all the time.

Lack of sleep will cause your Leptin levels go down. Without the proper level of Leptin to signal when you are full, you will eat more than the amount you need.

There is also a correlation between sleep and good mental health. Proper diet also has an affect on mental health.

So if you are having mental health issues, you need to sleep better to eat better.

It is no coincidence that in America so many people are overweight and also sleep deprived.

Sleep seems to be a commodity that is hard to come by. We all try to make up for lack of time by cutting our sleep short. But your body needs what it needs. There is no way around it.

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Sleep Apnea – Tiredness, Fatigue and Memory Impairment

Sleep Apnea affects 4 % of Americans. About 1 out of 4 middle aged men in America suffer from Sleep Apnea.  Studies suggest that memory impairments can occur from disrupted sleep.

In Sleep Apnea, the sleep cycles are disrupted by periods of difficult breathing. In a new study by  Dr. Andrew Varga,  at the NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, subjects had impairments in their spatial memory from disrupted REM sleep cycles.

After a night of improper REM sleep, the subjects had difficulty remembering the placement of items and what they did with things the day before.

The REM stage of sleep is the Rapid Eye Movement stage. This is the deep sleep where we have dreams. The REM stage of sleep is critical for the body to repair any tissue damage from the day, such as muscle microtears. It also has to do with processing memories.

A person with disrupted REM sleep may forget where they placed the car keys the day before and have trouble remembering where they parked their car. Another consequence of  incomplete REM cycles is inability to focus and pay attention.

There are 2 different types of Sleep Apnea. They are Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea. The causes for the 2 types are different but both of them cause difficulty breathing during sleep and periods of waking up in the middle of  sleep cycles.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea has to do with the airway becoming obstructed.  The muscles in the throat becoming too relaxed and causing a narrowing of the airway. The brain will become aware of low oxygen levels and force you awake to reposition yourself.

Usually people do not remember these brief periods of waking. Every time someone wakes up for a few seconds, it disrupts the sleep stage they are in.

The brain and the rest of the body are not able to finish what they are supposed to do, during that cycle. There are certain repairs and regeneration of tissue that naturally occur during REM sleep.

The 2nd type is less common. Central Sleep Apnea is caused by a problem in the brain.  The brain is supposed to send signals to the lungs to breath.

The brain of  person with Central Sleep Apnea, fails to continuously send the signals properly. The lungs will simply stop doing their job.  The body and the brain will fail to get the necessary level of oxygen, which will cause the person to wake up.

Again, with this type of Sleep Apnea, the person will awaken just long enough to be able to breath properly again. Someone with Central Sleep Apnea may wake up with  shortness of breath.

Men are twice s likely to get sleep apnea. It is most common in men 60 or more. Being overweight contributes to your risk as well as having a family history of Sleep Apnea.  Certain medications are possible contributing factors, such as excessive use of muscle relaxers.

Central Sleep Apnea can occur with people that have heart disease or have had a stroke. It can also be a co-morbidity with neurological disease like ALS.

People that have Sleep Apnea can have  morning headaches and depression. Some people have an increased frequency of urination.

If you have extreme tiredness and sleepiness during the day along with any of the other symptoms I mentioned, you may want to see your doctor.  There are treatments that would reduce your symptoms.

They also could check you for other types of sleep disorders and medical conditions that could be causing the constant fatigue and tiredness.  There are mental illnesses such as depression that can cause some of these symptoms as well as other physical disorders.