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Hedden Park Photography by my Daughter

park trees lake rockss

bridgeparl trees lake rocks 2

park trees lake rocks

These are pictures that my twelve year old daughter took. She is developing a love for photography. These were taken at Hedden Park which is near to my home in New Jersey.

This is a great quality time activity that costs nothing. It was relaxing to walk in the nature and enjoy the beautiful discoveries together.

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Dreaming of the Beach

Beach Dreaming………………………………………

I have not been on a vacation since I was married and on my honeymoon, which was only a visit to my aunt in Connecticut. We could not afford a hotel, so we stayed with my wonderful aunt, who was great, but it was not really a honeymoon.

That would have been quite  while ago, because my daughter is 18 and we were married three years before we had her. So, I guess that 3 day vacation was about 22 years ago.

My husband decided to look for martial arts schools to go visit and work out in, and leave me at my aunt’s  house. He also ruined the honeymoon by scheduling something that cut our vacation short. So, it was three days at my aunt’s house and he only spent some of the time with me.

That is how my marriage started and it got worse from there.

In college, I had a sweet boyfriend and we drove to Florida one time. My father was living there and stayed with him. It was the last real vacation, with beach and ocean time, that I ever had. I was 19 years old then. Now I am 49.

I love the ocean. The way it smells. The way it sounds. The way it looks when the sun sparkles on the waves.

In high school, about 9th grade, before my mother left my step father, we used to go as a family to Ocean City , Baltimore. My step father had a timeshare there. He would take my mother, my sister and I a few times a summer. We stayed for a week or so, eating at nice restaurants and sunning at the pool.

annie beach

It was very nice. I would swim in the ocean and then swim in the hotel pool. I love swimming. I miss it.

So, one day handsome guy will some and take me away to the ocean. If not, then I move myself there when I am older, maybe 60.  I will be one of the people on beach, painting the ocean on my easel,  and then playing guitar at the local bar in the evening.

beach 3

It is a beautiful dream ❤