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Students Against Depression


This is a link to the students against depression web site. I looked over the site and it seems like a good resource for  teens and young adults  with depression and / or suicidal thoughts.

The materials and resources are written by mental health care professionals. The site was intended for college students but I think there might be material that would be helpful for all ages.

Some of the pages of the website are:

There is a workbook that is both viewable online or printable. The modules are entitles as follows.
1. Make a Safety Plan
2. Build Your Support Network
3. Self Help First Steps
4. Healthier Daily Routines
5. Understanding Your Depression
6. Skills for Living Well
7. See Depression Differently
8. Make a Difference
9. Write your “Overcome Depression” Story
The site is well done and it is just another resource to be aware of, especially if you have a loved one who is between the ages of 15 and 25 experiencing depression.
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How to Be a Real Man / There are Rules you Know …LOL

Ok, so I am looking on Amazon for Christmas gifts and there it is !  It was in the teenager books section.

Manual of Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak,  Change a Tire , Impress a Girl and 97 Other Things you Need to Survive. 

Besides the fact that I have yet to meet a guy who can do all three of those things,  is this really what it means to be a man?  Do we want to tell our teenage boys that their priority in life is to cook meat and do some peacocking to impress a girl?

I would venture to say that there are a few things that are more important on the priorities list. If I had a son, he could call AAA, eat spaghetti and find a girl that appreciates him for who he is, not what kind of song and dance he puts on. Wow !

These are the things a man needs to “Survive?” I know lots of guys that survive just fine and are not very good at any of these things. What kind of pressure are we putting on our poor teenage boys to be “the picture of manhood?”

OK now, just for fun, I waited until I was writing this post, to look at the chapters in the Amazon sneak peak.  So let’s look together and see what else the author claims is necessary for our boys to grow up into “real men.”…..

Here we go…The author Jonathan Catherman tells our boys that as a  “man in the making ” they will need to know how to do this stuff…

Wear Cologne  Correctly

Throw a Football (wow, that seems a bit of a stretch to learn from reading a book !)

Behave During a Traffic Stop (???)

Fold a Shirt

Grill a Steak

Clean a Bathroom

and … Find a Stud in the Wall

Ok, all you men out there. If you are falling short on any of these , you might not be able to impress me LOL

Just posted this in hopes that a little laughter would reduce your holiday anxiety

Happy Amazon Shopping, only 12 hours and 8 minutes left 🙂 if you are using 2 day shipping!