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Top 10 or 20 Christmas List

Christmas List

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Meaningful connection
  3. Conversation with a stranger that makes them feel good about themselves
  4. Children’s laughter
  5. Another step towards enlightenment
  6. Financial stability leading towards independence
  7. Passion and intimacy
  8. New creative projects
  9. Better sleep
  10. More learning
  11. New frienships
  12. Another bunny
  13. A new flute
  14. A wooden rennaissance recorder
  15. Art supplies
  16. Someplace that feels like home
  17. Someone that feels like home
  18. More NLP and hypnosis skills and practice
  19. Help with the business part of my business
  20. Love
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Does Your Tongue Really Turn Green / Ten Things Annie Hates About the Hospital

Top Ten Things That Annie Hates About Being Sick at the Hospital

1.  Sleeping  in a VERY uncomfortable hospital bed.

2. Some other sick person slept in the bed right before I did

3. Some other sick person slept in the bed right before they did.

4. I have to use the toilet that some other sick person used just before I got there

5. Some other sick person used it before them

6. Trying to wipe your butt with IV lines attached to your wrist

7. Trying to wheel the IV gettup with you into the bathroom

8. The doctor asking you why you are in the hospital …Don’t they have a chart or something?

9. Being woken up to ask if you need a sleeping pill

10. Trying to get any help whatsoever at the shift change

11. Telling you yo unplug and wheel the IV contraption with you  when you have to the toilet. The turning out all of your lights, so it is pitch dark when you wake up and really have to go.

12. Trying to change your hospital gown with the IV connected to your arm.

13. Being asked “Why are you requesting pain medication”

14. Having to rate everything you feel on a scale of 1 to 10.

15. Being asked if you enjoyed your lunch when you are on a clear liquid diet.

16. Some nurse taking away the medications from your purse and locking them away

17. When the really attractive male nurse comes into your room, smiles at you, and says….. We are going to need a stool specimen in this cup.

18. The fact that you are too sick to blog about it until you get home.

19. Finding creative places to hide your E-Cig

20. When the really cute male nurse comes back and reminds you about the stool specimen

21. Going to brush your teeth and realizing that the GREEN tongue that the sick people have in the cartoons was based on reality !

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Top Ten 10 List / Things That Make me Sm

Things that I make me smile

1,  The sound of my bunny pushing things around in his cage. I like to know he is next to me keeping me company

2. Rainbows

3. My 12 year old daughter giving me the rundown of her latest creative story. She is an inspired writer and very imaginative

4. My 18 year old, all dressed up to go to a dance or on a special date

5. The sound of kids laughing 

6. Getting to bring the flower delivery to an old lady at work, (at the assisted living)  and seeing her eyes light up when she sees the flowers

7. The chicken dance

8. Gangnam style

9. Playing with the balloon with the Alzheimer’s residents. They love that.  I think balloons have magical powers

10. Getting to number 10 on a top ten post, because… I just have to defiant and write another

11. Giving someone their first blog award

12. Giving someone their first WordPress “Like”

13. Ending on 13….just because  it is wrong

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Time Once Again for Annie’s Top 10 Random Thoughts List

It it time once again, bum bum bum buuuum….for an Annie’s Top Ten Random Stream of Consciousness Thoughts List. Yay !

So, here we go.

1. I never stick to 10 things, so I  wonder if I will this time…

2. You can try to make a list like this yourself. It is just a free flow list, for you to see what things are running through your head, and also what things just pop into your head.

3. I have been listening to affirmation audio files, that are from Spartan Life Coach. This course is called “Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse”  I really like the audio affirmations,

.4. My favorite affirmation from the tapes is….”I no longer allow people to use me,  in order to feel what it is that they need to feel”

5. This course is designed to help deal with the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. It is made up of a combination of videos, audios and written exercises. I think it is really great and is helping me to feel less anxiety already.

6. Another affirmation he gives is “I do not expect to find compassion and empathy were there is none.”  I am letting go of my expectation of compassion, where I know there is none.

7. These are great things to learn and to understand. The more you keep looking for compassion and empathy, where there is none, the more we torment ourselves and allow abusers to torment us.

8. In the audios, he talks about observing people’s behavior in a calm and detached way, when they are acting in a way to try to drive you into a certain negative emotional state. When you observe them, from a detached point of view, then it becomes more difficult for them to suck you into the emotional state that they want to cause in you.

9. I find that the more I study and learn about a variety of subjects, the better my brain works in general. This is important when I need to be able to asses people and situations. The ability to think faster and better, is helpful in everything I do.

10. Instead of us getting set in our ways, perhaps it is better for us to keep an open mind about the nature of things. If we still see things the way we saw them 10 years ago, then what have we learned. Life should be an ongoing learning process and we should be open to things that there are to learn.

11. This is eleven, I could have stopped at 10, but that would not have been as fun.

12. I wonder where the blog awards came from. I looked up the origin of peer blog awards and I could not find anything. I only found info about more official awards.

Does anyone know how the Versatile Blogger Award or the Liebster Award was started, when they were started or who started them? I was just curious.  I think that I would like to start one of my own. It  would be fun to start it and then track what happens with it.

13. Oh no ! I should not end on 13. But the number 13 is not one of the things I fear. You can make your own list now. ❤

Lots of love,


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Sneezing, Sneezulumpus, Dr. Seuss and Daughters Getting Home Late

10 Random Thoughts from the Amazing brain of Annie

( This brain of mine … would amaze some people and frighten others away !  LOL )

1. Okay the week has been horrifying in some ways, but I somehow survived it. I would not say I survived it unscathed, however.

2. My 18 year old daughter just got home from her date. It is 1:30 am. My younger  daughter told me it is too late for her older sister to be out on a date. I guess she wants me to scold her or something. But she is 18 and the boyfriend is very nice, He has been around for a while now.

3. My head is completely stuffed up from this cold

4. I keep sneezing. I have never sneezed so much, It must be the sneezing virus. That sounds like a Dr Seuss character…. the Sneezulumpus or something

5. I love Dr. Suess

6. “From there to here and Here to there, Funny things are everywhere”  Dr. Suess

7. I need to get my table  lamp back from my daughter. I can’t see my keyboard. My eyes are straining.

8. More sneezing…

9. We have made it to number 9

10. More and more sneezing ! I have to go find a tissue !

11. I never stick to 10

12. Ah – Chooo !

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Top Ten Things You Cannot Do About Annoying Relatives !

We might like to, but we cannot…

10. Drop them off at a random bus station and say “good luck!”

9. Change our phone number, but keep telling them they are dialing the number  wrong.

8. Turn out the lights and hide behind the door, like they do in “What About Raymond?” tv show

7. List them on Craig’s List under the “Please Take … Free…you haul”   section

6. Send a postcard from where you go on vacation and tell them you moved there

5. Have a remote control that plays the CD Player really loud, and hit the button every time they start to criticize you or give you annoying advice

4. Fake a doctor’s note that you have suddenly become deaf and cannot talk on the phone or even hear them when they are speaking directly to you

3. Take them back for a refund !

2. Exchange them for a new hair dryer

1. Change your name and identity and move to another state

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Time for Annie’s Top Ten 10 Random Thoughts

Time for 10 random thoughts ….

1. I think that only people who have been through a trauma can understand. Maybe therapists that treat PTSD should be people that have been through trauma and are also  trained to treat it. These people that have had cushy lives with no horrible mental injuries cannot understand. How can they help you, if they have no idea how you feel?

2. I love veggie straws and I sometimes eat them while sipping a peach fuzzy navel wine cooler. It is a strange flavor combination that I find oddly pleasurable

3. I love my bunny soooo much. He is sooo funny

4. I am tired and want to sleep for a week

5. Facebook has closed groups for mental health. There are some for bipolar disorder, PTSD, domestic abuse survivors , eating disorders etc. You can search tags in the facebook search bar. Type in anxiety, depression or mental illness or whatever you are looking for. Then you click to request to join the group. They usually approve you and then give you the group rules

6. Writing poetry is easy, dealing with live people is hard

7. Sometimes I am afraid I

8. My flute is broken and I want to buy a new one with the tax refund. Then I can play flute for you all 🙂

9. I think that blogging can be great therapy

10. Making certain kinds of lists can be therapeutic. The part of the brain that is involved in organizing and sorting ideas becomes activated. When that part is dominant, the fear center of the brain is quieter. Just make lists about things that are not anxiety provoking. You can list things about your mental health if it helps.

Ideas for lists

1. Lists within lists LOL

2. Lists about what to list LOL

3. Fears

4. Dreams

5. Achievements

6. People you like

7. Favorite somethings….animals, colors, sensations, movies….

8. Question that starts a list “What I would do if I were a queen..” “What I would change if I were president…”  “What would I do if I lived in a a mansion?”

9. favorite post of Annie 🙂

10. Favorite posts of your own

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Top Ten List – Ten Random Facts About Annie

This is a just for fun and letting you get to know me better list. Ten random facts about me .

1. I have two daughters that are beautiful and very artistic. They are independent thinkers just the way I raised them to be.

2. I went to college as a music education major. My main instrument was classical guitar. I also did voice.

3. I barely remember how to play classical guitar but I still can play rock, rock and roll , fold music and blues. I am eccectic about the music I like to perform.

4. A typical set list that I used to play at the restaurants and bars was

Take it Easy – by the Eagles

Love is a Rose-  by Linda Rondstat

Blue Sued Shoes – by Elvis Presley

Leaving on a Jet Plane – by Peter Paul and Mary

Country Roads – by John Denver

Layla – by Eric Clapton

Sunshine of your Love – by Cream

Hey Joe – by Jimmie Hendrix

On the Banks of the Ohio – by Joan Baez

Big Yellow Taxi – by Joni Mitchell

Mercedes Benz – by Janis Joplin

White Rabbit – by Jefferson Airplane

Wish You Were Here – by Pink Floyd

Major Tom – by David Bowie

Hotel California – by the Eagles

Rock Around the Clock – by Buddy Holly

California Dreamin – by Mamas and the papas

She Loves You – by The Beatles

Don’t Stop – by Fleetwood Mac

For What it’s Worth – by Buffalo Springfield

Ain’t That a Shame – by Fats Domino

5. I have not played professionally in about 10 years but I would like to get back into the bar gig scene.

6. I need to learn some of the newer songs because all the songs I know are old.

7. There is cold air blowing through my bedroom window right now, because the plastic I put up blew apart.

8. I love my bunny rabbit very much.

9. I love my boyfriend very much but do not see him often because he lives and works in another state.

10. I am the oldest of 5 girls. My youngest sister is 20 years younger than me.

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Top Ten 10 List of Typical Priorities / What is Wrong with this Picture?

1.  Be  the daughter that I am expected to be

2. Be a good upstanding church member, or PTA member…

3.  Make myself look presentable and respectable to others

4. Be the mature, responsible oldest sibling, or the perfect dutiful wife.

5. Be a textbook, perfect parent

6. Be a model citizen and community member

7. Please the neighbors by meeting their expectations

8. Make the company I work  for, look good

9. Make my co-workers look good

10. Take care of myself and my own needs.

*There is only one true critical thing on this list.

The others have to wait for this one to be accomplished, even if it takes years. Some of the things on the list should be crossed off. Others should be re-worded to make them more manageable.

I know what my opinion and feelings are about each one, but you should think through them for yourself.

But again, I say, there is only one true priority on this list. Without it, we can do nothing well. No one else is going to step up and do it for you.  It is the only possible solution for reducing severe anxiety.

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Annie’s Top 10 Christmas List – My Wishes for All of You

Snapshot_20141031_10I already posted my Christmas list on wordpress. This is my Christmas wish list for all of you. I feel that each of you deserves to have these things. Merry Christmas.

1. To be in touch with your true selves and to feel good about who you really are.

2. For others to love you just the way you are.

3. For others to support you in your dreams.

4. Kindness and compassion from the world around you.

5. Acceptance for your state of mind, your condition and your feelings.

6. Peace and serenity in your minds.

7. Creativity and ability to express yourself in a way that is helpful to you

8. Comfort and safety of your surroundings.

9. A feeling of hopefulness in your hearts

10. Meaningful connection with other people who understand you