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Adult Bullies – Feels Like 6th Grade Again!

It is staggering to my mind how these same type of bullies who tormented me in 6th grade persist to continue the same behaviors as adults. Do people ever grow up?

I should not be surprised when I run into one of them. You know how it is. You go for a few years without running into one of them and then…Oh crap, …they are a supervisor at your job or a teacher at your college or a co-worker you have to have your desk next to?

I have heard all the theories about how they really just want to “fit in” but they don’t know how. They really are insecure inside and they are scared of us. Really?

I think they just like being bullies. I think they are not scared at all. I think they get off on their power trip and enjoy making people as miserable as possible.

Their purpose in life is to lower other people’s self-esteem so they can be the dominant the social rank or work situation. They will crush the top of your head, climbing on you, to get up the ladder of success.

If they were so afraid of everyone then why would they put so much attention on themselves? They gossip and they “tell” on you even if they have to create a story. Just like in 6th grade.

They have their click of friends like in 6th grade. They walk with their nose up in the air at you. They have an obvious feeling that they are better than you.

No. I don’t buy the “bullies have low self esteem” theory. I have never known anyone who was able to take charge of their environment in such a dominating way, who had low self esteem.

It is more likely that they are spoiled, like a spoiled princess and want everything their way. Somehow they want to get their way by cutting down other people.

Worse yet, for people that already have anxiety, social anxiety, or depression issues, dealing with this person on a regular basis is a nightmare. But don’t let them know. It would not end well for you.

I do not feel sorry for mean people. They have no right to hurt other people. Their self-esteem gets higher as they crush yours down.

There are a few tactics I have learned through years of running into these bullies from time to time. They are always out there. It is not “just you”, that you keep running into them.

They might even be in your own family. That can be the hardest to deal with.

Do the best you can not to stoop to their level. It will not earn you respect. If you have the respect of those around you, then you will survive better.

The bully will not be respected by many people. They may be feared but they are not respected. Respect is a better thing to have.

Stooping to their level will doom you. Keep your good Karma. Sooner or later people get sick and tired of these whiny, time wasting, superficial people. Their general energy brings people down. Your good energy of trustworthiness and integrity will bring people up.