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Humanity of Writing

Writers Can Touch The Humanity In Their Readers

Humanity is messy, lonely, complex, sad, magical, mystical and beautiful.  In order to touch your readers in personal way,  pour your real feelings and original thoughts and ideas into your writing. Share your personal reality, and the truth as you perceive it, without trying to go along with the what others tell you that you are supposed to believe. Writing is where you can be real. 


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – What is the Point of Poetry?

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Writing challenge from Silver Threadings blog.

“When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of man’s existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses. “

John F.  Kennedy

I have known a few people over the years who were very intelligent yet said to me that they did not understand poetry. It did not make any sense to them. It was just a bunch of words strewn together with no point. What was the practical purpose?

I have decided to add this statement to my personal list of red flags of men not to date. Please do not take offense if you do not like poetry. This goes beyond not “liking” poetry. These were people that truly did not understand what they were reading at all. 

Keep in mind, that… loving poetry and having the capacity to understand the point of it are two different things.

Understanding the depths and richness of emotion in poetry requires a certain level of empathy. Understanding  “the point”  of poetry at all requires some passion within the soul.

The point of poetry is humanity.

The desire and pursuit of power above all else has a tendency to deaden the soul and darken the spirit. 

I no longer intend to spend my heart and emotions on people who have low levels or non-existent empathy. You do not have to agree with a poem to understand that point of it is “to feel something” and to connect with the human condition.

This practice of trying to detach from the human condition by denying one’s own empathy and humanness is something that could be the downfall of humanity itself.

Feeling is at the heart of my writing. Where the pursuit of ultimate power begins to strip away the empathy from men, I believe that keeping poetry alive in my heart and pen will keep empathy alive in me. It is in the human connection that we live fully. This inevitably comes with pain but pain is part of life’s design. 

If the ability of being able to see the point of understanding another person’s pain becomes lost. then we are all lost…are we not?

It is better to feel pain sometimes in order to be vulnerable enough to experience deep connection, passion and love. To feel our own pain as well as that of another person. 

Empathy also means being able to understand the passion and the love that another person feels. Passion that burns within a soul. Love that feels all encompassing…

That is empathy. That is poetry.

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My Favorite Poets and the Poems that I Wrote for Them

After the intro to this post, I have put all of the poems for poets that I have written in the last several months. The earliest of these was written eight months ago and the most recent was written this week.

I love poetry and poets.  I have several poetry blogs that I follow.  I love to read the romantic,  love poetry that guys write. It is often sweet and tender but there is a truth to it also about pain, grief and loss.

I also love poetess writers….yes I did make up that word and I like it. There is something different about female poets from male poets in the way that they pour their words onto the page.

Sometimes I am more in the need to feel empowered and then I tend to read the female poets that I follow. I feel both inspired and also validated by them. There is both a strength and also a softness that seems to combine into a dance.

The female poets that I follow have mostly been through some very dark experiences, even the ones that do not write about it…I can tell anyway.

The ones that do write about their dark experiences do so with an element of grace that seems impossible to put into a piece about the dark side of humanity.  Yet they manage to rise above abuse and other dark things, with class and grace.

Of course female poets can write about sensuality and Wow !! Honestly, some of the most powerful sensual, passionate writing I have read are from women.

When I am feeling lonely or romantic, I go to the guy’s poet blogs. They always can touch my heart and make feel…well you know..:) There is also a tenderness with the male poets that I follow..a vulnerability and an honesty that touches me.

I love to see the blending of the past, the present and the dreams of the guys, as these parts of them intertwine in their poetry. Memories from their youth, failures and regrets…lost loves and ones they only dreamt of….

I find myself to enter into the poem itself as the lover, the mother, or the friend that drinks with them to console them. The magic of their writing is the ability to transport you into their world.

So, I love my poetry friends with a great love. I do write them poems from time to time and I do not know if they all have read them. Some of the poems are for the men and some are for the women. Other poems I have written for all of them together.

There are certain of my poems for poets that I had a certain poet in mind when I wrote it but most of them were for everyone of them.

I love all of my poets that I follow equally, but differently. Some I have know for longer than others. Some of them correspond with me more frequently than others  or in different ways. I am always honored when one of them reads and likes one of my poems.

So, with no further talking…because I could go on and on ……here are the poems that I wrote for the poets. I have put all of them here for you to see. These are some of my most special poems to my heart.

If you are one of the poet or poetesses that I follow and you see yourself in my poem, then I am sure I had you in mind when I wrote it. There is no need to wonder. You are special to my heart.

Oh, My Passionate Poet

Stroke me gently with your words
Of flesh to flesh
and mind to mind
Heart to heart
So hard to find

Seduce me with your rhythms sweet
Of lovers passion
Souls colliding
Face to face
Stopping time

Oh, poet how I love thy pen
The way it brings my heart to flames
My eyes to tears
My heart to cry
My mind to hear

Spin your phrases, make them sing
Draw my heart closer
To feel your passion
Drawing out mine
Lost from time

Who Will Save the Poets?

The poet

is a Mage

A Shaman

A True Healer

who can


Weave space and reality

Access Wisdom 


Connect with the Spiritual Realm…

and supernatural reality…

Make Passionate Love

to the Most Beautiful Women

in the World…

Seduce your soul

Heal your brain

Medicate your mind

Make passionate love to you

Transport you to foreign lands…

Accompany you to places

that only exist

in your imagination…

Sing you to sleep

Read you a bedtime story

Explain the mysteries 

of the universe…

Make you laugh

Give you things to consider

Help you see things

from a different point of view

Cause you to weep

Dry your tears

Hold you when you’re sobbing

Inspire your creativity

Encourage and support you

Validate your REALITY

Be your friend

Your Lover

Your Priest



Alas …

Who Will Save the Poets?

Solitary Poetess

She sits in the dim light of a dusty room
Wrapped in shawls of brown and blue
The  soft  knitted hat  from the yard sale last year
Is pulled  down quite tightly  to cover her ears
To dull any sounds that the old house might make
That could trigger her brain into fear
She holds a black inkpen in lovely white fingers and
Scribbles out verses about the lonely ghost that lingers
The curtains blow suddenly, like a gust of wind has come
But the windows are all closed and locked tight as a drum
There is no one else there, as for friends , she has none
She lives all alone as a solitary poet
And spills out her pain into words on the paper
In the corners of the room, she stacks up her life
Every day has been written , each page is in order
Till the curtains blow again , though the window is latched
and there is nobody anywhere to mourn her

Write Poetry Defiantly

Write poetry defiantly

don’t think about how they will take it

don’t think about what will appear 

in the comments under your post

it doesn’t matter who says what

they chose to step into your mind

they can criticize your rhymes

or worse yet, try to console you…

thinking they could reach you through the pain

Poetry is a product of the tortured mind

great lyrics and great lines

interwoven in the fabric of time

not for the job interview

and not to impress the status quo

not to hide and not to digress…

Hit straight to the heart

your own is brimming with screams

of disagreement and no where to put it

Your heart which breaks over

and over again with no where

to lay it and no where to rest

Write poetry defiantly and truth will appear

intermixed with delusion and dreams

of yourself freer

It is the only home for your mind

the only place for a poet to scream

a tainted place for the readers who dream…

What do they expect? 

the ones who come to you 

to watch you bleed your soul raw

and react when you are through…

Everyone loves a poet

they are hypnotized by the bleeding

they are not sure what is real

or what is poetic license

But that is for us to know

each one of us in turn

the poets write the words

the readers make them heard

Land of the Forbidden

Do you dare to read the words

bled out onto white pages

with nothing to doubt

no restriction of concept or paradigm 

no restriction of what reality really is

What is real and what is not

is at the poet’s discretion…

what is true and what is not

what is reality and what is plot

who exists and who is imagined

We write to entertain your mind

to stimulate your imagination

and tantalize your senses

words that make you feel such sorrow

words that make you smile or laugh

words so powerful you sit and say nothing

for nothing is the right thing to say

don’t look for forgiveness

don’t look for remorse

it is the world of true feeling 

it is the world of your pain

the less you admit it

the less you will gain

because something inside you

rings true with each verse

there is something that touches you

in the places you keep secret

we will ignite a spark of humanity in you

Each word from a poet 

is a gift to the few

the ones that just listen 

with their minds open like a window

where things that you know can fly out

and the things you disbelieve can fly in

It is the land of the forbidden 

all wrapped up with bows

To stop your heart and restart it

leaving you to wonder

what you really know

Visions of a Poet

The poet sits alone

In a half lit , dusty room

weaving a  passionate tapestry

of darkness and mental torment.

with words that only he

can paint onto the

empty canvas

that sits before him

Words of pain and suffering

depression and fear

ideations of death

Colors of red and orange

Creating fires that burn

in the reader’s heart

and mind

The visions

of the solitary poet

Images from a mind

twisted by trauma

Visions of the

Darkest places

in the human mind

and the human condition


Flooded upon the

vacant page

Visions begotten

only through

personal torment

and private pain

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Annie …on writing…

Writers can touch the humanity of their readers.

Humanity is Messy, Lonely, Complex, Sad, Magical, Mystical, Beautiful, Sensual and Deeply Poetic

As a writer, be as human as you are. As a human, pour your inner longing into your writing.

Writing is the naked task of bearing your soul for all to see…Pouring out your heart for all to feel…Allowing elements of your own perceptions to be perceived by another person’s mind and sent into the universe.

It is not for the faint of heart. True, meaningful, writing is for the courageous of spirit and mind.

If you are feeling fear, then it is fear that  should be spilled upon the pages.

 If you are feeling passion, that passion should ignite a spark that could set your pages ablaze !

If you are feeling sad, then let the pages of your writing catch your tears.

Writing that comes from the soul, sends an imperceptible energy connection between yourself and the reader.  Writing can  transcend time itself, and connect humanity in all its conditions.

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Messy, Lonely, Complex, Sad, Magical, Mystical and Beautiful

Writers can bring out the humanity in their readers. Humanity is messy, lonely, complex, sad, magical, mystical and beautiful. In order to really touch your readers,  pour your inner longing into your writing. Readers can tell when you are putting real emotion into your writing. It sends an energy connection from your soul to theirs.


Great writers put their real feelings into their stories and poems. They infuse their own humanity, into their characters. The doubts and questions that haunt their own soul, are spilled into their work.

For fiction writing, the events in the story do not have to have really happened. But if you dig deep into your inner self, you will be able to breath life and humanity into your characters. In great stories the characters are as real as people you know in real life. You feel like you know them, and you have real emotions about them.

Humanity is the lifeblood of poetry, creative writing, and blog writing. If people can relate to the humanity in your writing, they will keep coming back for more.

People do not read a new blog because they want to learn about you, as much as they are searching to learn more about themselves.

They may come back to read your blog, because they care about you and how you are doing.  But initially they were searching for something that spoke to them personally.  

Readers are seeking to find a connection with their own experiences and feelings. They want to understand themselves better.

Put Your Heart Into Your Writing ❤

Your readers are looking for something about themselves in your writing. This is not to say that you are writing about them directly, but you are putting elements of your own humanity into your writing, that they can relate to.

Great writers will guide their readers into finding the truth within themselves. In order to do this, you must look inside your own mind with courage. You must take a journey into your own soul and see what is inside.


Bloggers tend to write about things that are part of their daily lives. You can write about yourself and be honest about your own insecurities and inadequacies.

Transparency and honesty make readers feel safe. They feel safe that they are in the presence of a real human, who can understand and relate to them. You are relatable to your readers because you are not perfect. They will feel that stopping by your blog is like being in the arms of understanding and validation of their own humanity.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is about characters and how they interact with their surroundings and the situations they are put into. If you infuse your characters with real humanity, then they will take on a life of their own.

You can create characters and situations that are not from your real life. But put yourself into them. The elements of longing, suffering, desire, and searching for meaning in life, will give your characters a virtual reality that will capture the hearts of your readers.


Poetry is a special kind of writing that paints emotions upon the page. It is free and you are not bound by any rules. It is a beautiful, thought provoking painting with words.

You can begin your  “word painting”  by splashing a color upon the page that represents the first emotion you feel, when you first sit down to write. Then dip into your color pallet as you paint the reality of the human condition upon the page.

Music, Art and Writing

I am a musician and an artist. I have trained in music for half of my life and have found it to be very expressive.  I am also an artist and have spent endless hours exploring ways to express human emotion with art.

 I find that writing has elements of both music and art.  Writing is a way for  humans to  connect with each  other, in a truly meaningful way. Great writers can connect  different generations and different cultures together.

Timeless Universal Truths 

Writers can magically unite past, present and future,  by writing in a way that is timeless. What does timeless mean? People refer to things as timeless when they are easily understood by people of any generation.

Love is a universal truth that is timeless. Other timeless human conditions are death, desire, longing, joy and sadness.  Trust, deception, betrayal, collaboration and sensuality are all  timeless realities as well.

When we see old movies, we can relate to these themes in the stories. If we could not, then the classic movies would not be “classic” at all.

Universal truths will speak to people from all different walks of life. The human experience is one that people need to connect with each other about. It is entirely too painful to endure alone.

When you are writing something, picture yourself as the reader. What elements of your own humanity would speak to you, if you were the reader? What would you need from the writer?

The Reader / Writer Relationship

The reader / writer relationship is a special one. It has elements of a romantic affair. The reader has inner desires and needs. The writer does their best to put themselves into the writing, in order to satisfy the desires of the reader.

Blessings for Peacefulness and Inspiration,

Annie ❤