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Awakening to Your Sleep Reality


spiritual sleep

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A great percentage of your life is spent sleeping. This feels like a waste of precious time to some people. To others it is a escape  from an otherwise unbearable existence. 

We try to find ways to avoid sleep, in order to get things done that we deem more important. Or we self medicate ourselves by sleeping, and think of it as an escape from being in reality. But sleep is a reality all its own, that it intertwined with our waking reality.

 The sleep states are a natural part of our existence. There are different stages of sleep that each serve important functions.


sleeping woman.

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The subconscious awakens and exists in a different way during sleep, than it does when you are awake. The processes that the subconscious parts of the brain need to do, are…

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mental illness

Do hard things.

Perfect Panic

If you let fear guide you, your world will become very small. Anxiety makes us seek constant control. Anxiety intensifies fear. Anxiety changes your perception of your abilities. However, you are not limited to these feelings. If you push yourself and do hard things, you will overcome anxiety.

When I feel anxious, my sympathetic nervous system says, “get the eff out of here! RED ALERT! BING BING BING RUN AWAY.” You get the point. So how do you challenge those thoughts? You do the hard thing. You take on the challenge. You stay in that fear. You do not retreat. You ride the wave of panic.

My day started off well. I had a nice breakfast, worked out, and went to a local trail to hike. Hiking by myself has always been a trigger. When I know I am alone and far from my car, the anxious thoughts drift into…

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mental illness

Drawing pad

I like to support our very youngest bloggers, Meet Lady Bug Creations, She is a young artist and blogger.

Lady Bug Art Creations

I forgot to grab my art pad when going on a long car trip, so I decided to use a drawing pad I had downloaded on my phone.

I had never used one before,(and my phone screen is cracked) so I was surprised that it didn’t look too much like road kill.

Once I got the hang of it drawing on it was easy and fun, I know I still have a lot to edit and change but here are a few drawings that I did.

The name of the drawing pad I use is Sketchbook Express

I downloaded it from Google play store for free, here’s a link!

 Sketchbook Express

Copyright © 2015 Elizabeth Galloway. All rights reserved

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mental illness

look what the tide brought in

life & death in the intertidal zone

“I like to go beach-combing, and I like to find interestingly shaped rocks. When I really get into the groove I start finding beautiful rocks everywhere, until I discover that all of the rocks on the beach are beautiful. And so I try to find beauty even in the smallest moments, because beauty is something that can grow if you let it.” Douglas Coupland

This post is stuff from the past few months, from now I’ll be posting once a day at most.

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The Wounded Healer Archetype

Silver Girl

Wounded Healer . Caregiver . Nurse . Therapist


Passion to serve others by repairing the body, mind, and spirit.

Ability to help transform pain into healing


Taking advantage of those who need help.

Failing to care for oneself,

The Wounded Healer is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardship–anything from an actual physical injury or illness to the loss of all one’s earthly possessions.

Regardless of the shape of the wound, the challenge inherent in this initiation process is that one is unable to turn to others for help beyond a certain degree of support. Only the initiate can ultimately heal the wound; if it is an illness or accident, it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure.

The Wounded Healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort…

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