Beautiful Flowers Story

There once was a pretty little, pink  flower in a field of weeds. All the weeds laughed at her because she believed in compassion , harmony and peace.

She longed to find another flower like her, but all she heard was mean words from the weeds. She had trouble sleeping at night with no one to talk to.

In another field, down the road, there was a beautiful , blue flower, all surrounded by weeds. The blue flower wished he could find another flower to share his ideas with. But all he saw were the narrow minded weeds.

Across the town was a lovely yellow flower. The poor thing was surrounded by weeds. She became depressed because none of the weeds wanted to listen to her ideas. They just wanted to gossip and discuss superficial things.

In the next town, there were three purple flowers. They were scattered in weed fields and did not know about each other. They each had lots of thoughts and dreams of connecting with other flowers. They began to have anxiety about dealing with the weeds.

It turns out that there were pretty flowers scattered about in various weed fields. There was a flower or two in each weed field , all over the world.

They were each alone and had no one to talk to.There were no other flowers  that they could share their big ideas with. The weeds only cared about all being the same as each other. They did not understand the flowers.

The flowers nearly gave up and died from loneliness and alienation.

One day the flower fairy came to each of the flowers. She gave them each a laptop and showed them how to use wordpress.

Now the flowers were all able to connect with each other, even though they did not have feet to walk to visit each other.

They all shared their thoughts and feelings with each other. They did not have to feel completely alone anymore. 🙂

33 thoughts on “Beautiful Flowers Story”

  1. Again, this is fabulous..
    You are a special soul and I believe from your own experiences and healing, you will go on to help others heal faster, with greater understanding and more gently than you ever experienced.


  2. Wonderful allegory. I believe there is more goo than bad. We all just need to find each other and speak up for each other. You are touching a lot of bruised hearts with your kind hearts. Keep on looking for the flowers!

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    1. Thank you for saying that. The “wounded healers” can reach out to people that cannot get real help from people that have not been so “bruised” and beaten up.I am still recovering from trauma but when I can reach out and help other wounded people, it helps me to heal.

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  3. This is such a true post! It actually made me laugh out loud when i heard about the flowers getting laptops! You’ve got a true follower here- I try to spread awareness with my blog, too. [TBI awareness] I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  4. This story speaks to my heart. I love the way you wrote this story and i love “coding” stories in my own way too~ 🙂

    I once felt that too. When I shared my ideas with my friends, the way they looked at me made me felt as if i am an unrealistic stupid dreamer with too much unnecessary passion. haha~ but i am grateful that i have started to discover some other flowers here and there. I love the way they love. I am glad that i have found peoples who understand why i do the things i do and i understand why they do the things they do. 🙂

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    1. That is a wonderful comment about my very favorite writing of mine. Thank you 🙂 I originally posted this story on my blog as a sort of gift for my followers. But I decided to give it a permanent place by making it a Page rather than just a post. I am glad it spoke to you. I hope it made you laugh or smile a little too. I meant to be funny with the line about the good fairy coming down and giving everyone laptops 🙂 We all need to laugh 🙂
      Blessings to you,


  5. Awesome and Beautiful Story, and very true. The world just makes you feel stupid for deciding to show love and be there for others, for choosing to be more concerned about real issues of life rather the mundane. Thank you so much. Really Inspiring.


    1. There are some people in the world who attempt to confuse the rest and redirect their eyes from the truth.
      Love and compassion matter. Show love to others and help but be aware of the red flags of abusive people.

      If you do not watch they will lure you in before you recognize who they are.

      As far as the rest of the people who are not malicious…some have been broken by abuse and their will has been broken…others just follow along with the status quo blindly…

      You must always think and use your rational brain in a healthy balance with your beautiful heart of compassion. The world desperately needs love and compassion.


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