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Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thank you to A Sheep’s Life for nominating me for this award. Please see her blog by clicking on the link. It is one of the regular blogs that I read and enjoy.

The Rules and Courtesies of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

1. Thank your nominator by posting a link to their blog on your Award post

2. List 7 to 10 Facts About Yourself

3. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for being inspirational

4. Post the rules so people know them

5. Notify your nominees via their About Page and send them the link to your Award Post with the rules on it

6. Post the award badge on your blog anywhere you like on your pages or posts.

Thank you to A Sheep’s Life for nominating me for this award. Please see her blog by clicking on the link. It is one of the regular blogs that I read and enjoy.

Random facts about myself that I have not posted for other award posts. This is tricky. Here goes..

1. My primary care physician suspects I have bipolar 2 and has given me a number to call to be evaluated. I do not think they will see me because I have no insurance. She says they will see me. I am afraid to call and find out I am right. So I have put it off for 2 weeks.

2, Someone closed their blog down today and I am very worried as to why, due to their recent posts. This is dominating my thoughts at the moment.

3. I think it is interesting that men write about their mental illness a bit differently than women do. They seem to have more trouble reaching out for help that is emotional. The posts can start emotional and then they turn onto analytical and problem solving and then they say something to make it sound like “it is not really that bad” This happens and then the readers really believe them that it is not that bad because they ended the post that way.

This makes it harder for them to get help from readers who are not  reading between the lines. You have to read between the lines with men.We don’t want anything bad to happen to them because we did not hear what they were really saying

4. I worry about people when they shut down I know that when I shut down from communicating it means that I am doing worse. The less I say the worse I am

5. I have been invited to be a writer for the TMU blog and I will be checking out their procedures today. I an very honored about this

6. I was happily surprised to get this award

7.  I am still in bed and it is 330 pm. The last few days were so stressful, I am worn out from anxiety

8. I have considered opening an anonymous blog that does not connect with this. Sometimes I feel like it gets to the point where you cannot say everything you are feeling because people are counting on you to be strong for them. I can open the other one and get some things out there and then I would be stronger for writing this blog. I care about everyone and want to be here for you

9. I wonder about closed blogs. How does that work and who would want to be one with me? It is just a thought in my head. I think there are a few people that would benefit from doing that kind of thing with me

10. This is 10. I wrote a lot in those. I feel like I should apologize but I don’t know why. Women are always apologizing in situations where a man would not. Men do not apologize for just being themselves or for doing what they felt like doing that does not hurt anyone. Why do we apologize in situations where we did not do anything wrong?

Here are the blogs that I am nominating. Please take some t

ime to check them out. I have chosen them carefully and all of them are very inspiring blogs ❤

Please note that I currently follow 270 blogs, I know it sounds crazy but I do read them, just not all the same day LOL. I only mention this because I love all of the blogs I follow but I had to limit my choices to less that 270. ❤

I tried to choose blogs that were newer and in some cases by younger people. I admire and want to support the teenagers and young adults that are struggling with issues and are using their blog to inspire other young people to reach out and to take care of themselves.

If I did not select you , it does not mean that I do not love your blog. I love all the blogs I follow

1.  City Without People

2. Depressionless

3. Dear Darling Sanity

4.   Silver Girl

5.  Living Not Just Existing

6.  Bipolar Barbie Q

7.  Love Changes People

8.  Gales Mind

9. Refractory Ramblings from the Dark Side

10.  Writer’s Dream

11.  Blahpolar Diaries

12. Ramblings of Nekaaar

13. Birth of  New Brain

14. Healing Beyond Survival

15. Kevin at the  The Mental Health Writers Guild

16. Living with Pain but Living

17. no gas light