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Insomnia Blog … Why do People Knock on Wood for Luck? Folklore and More… LOL

    • I am enjoying all of your comments on my posts.

      I am glad that there are people that can understand the meaning of my abstract, philosophical ranting.

      Most of the regular people in the world would just scratch their heads….

      That really is a weird saying, isn’t  it?

      Do people actually scratch their heads when they do not understand something?

      Is it to open up a little hole, to allow thoughts to come in?

      Or to allow narrow mindedness to leak out?

      Sorry, i got onto a weird rant  again. …It actually began this morning,  while i was corresponding with a reader in the comments section of one of my recent posts.

      Where do these weird phrases come from though?

      One of the weirdest ones is when people say “knock on wood”. That is supposed to be for luck. Not only do people say it. They actually look around for something made out of wood to knock on.

      Most Pagan cultures in the ancient world believed that trees were inhabited by nature spirits. They thought that if you   knocked on the bark of a tree  you could wake up the  benevolent nature spirits, called  dryads. These were good spirit creatures who would assist you if you called on them by knocking on their tree home.

      In Irish tradition, the people  believed that knocking on the tree  was a way to thank the ” little people”

      (leprechauns), for any good luck you have had.

      There is also a tradition of people in Bulgaria to knock on ones head, if no wood was around. I wonder if the little voices in my head would come out to offer me assistance, if I knocked on my head like that?

      The funny thing is that , in Bulgaria, wooden tables do not count for knocking on. In the US people almost always use the wooden kitchen table to do their knocking. We got it backwards ! LOL

      Probably not. they mostly just run around in there being afraid of everything. Sometimes they are a bit funny, but not that helpful . LOL
      The link below is to a fun list of the origins of weird phrases. If you are up for it you can read to find out the origin of the phrase “raining cats and dogs”. It is way down the page, but you will find it. It is actually too disturbing and gross for me to write about here. So only read it if you are up for something gross that has to do with animals. Yuck !

      I won’t even use that phrase anymore. I don’t think I ever did use it much anyway.

      So there you have it. An early morning weird blog from Annie. And to think… I only woke up because my darn bladder told me to. LOL ! This is what you get , when I am overtired and up early in the morning when I should be sleeping , since i went to bed around 4 or 5. I forget now. You all know better than I do, what time I went to bed.

      Sleepy Annie with run on sentences and all..zzzzzzz…..oh sorry I fell asleep a little…..Is that like being a little bit pregnant? ……. sleeping a little…..

      Back to run on sentences… so sorry …I a too tired to editediteditidie dzzzzzz edit thid this zzxzzzzz,,,,,…. sleeping

      I hate run on sentences… Oh!  she is changing topics in mid blog…. oh crap…. zzzzzz … still dozing,,,zz..  run on sentences are bad ….. 

      . I hate run on sentences because they are hard to follow and to understand what they are trying to say and what the point is to them and all of that stuff and because they are annoying and I do not like them at all because they are just too damn hard to read and to understand !!!


      That was for Nekaar because I know she and the Fat Lady from her blog , will smile at my run on sentence 🙂

      If you have never read it, check out this blog from Nekaar. It is one of my all time favorite posts. I have read it several times, when I needed to smile.

      Back to sleep now. I guess you can call this my second good night post LOL


      Slightly Crazy Annie 🙂 and the silly voices in her head that want to go back to sleep 🙂 LOL