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Make Money with These Apps

So there are many apps that you can generate money, in cash and gift cards for your favorite shopping sites. I am going to tell you about the ones I use myself. If you happen to use one that I don’t discuss here. fee; free to leave that info im the comments. for the readers.

I have three grocery receipts apps on my phone. You can find them in the playstore on your cell phone, and try them out to see how you like them, The three apps I use are Fetch, Shopkicks and Ibotta. I don;t have any affiliation with them, I am just sharing my experience and opinions about these apps with you.

I’ll start with Fetch, because it is the easiest to use, in my opinion. For the Fetch app. all you have to do is to upload your grocery store, Walgreens, CVS or other receipts. The app processes the receipt right away. and it rewards you with points. You will get more points for a receipt that has certain products on it, but anything you  buy is okay.

It is 25 points for any grocery store, Walgreens or CVS receipt. There are other stores also. Those are the ones I shop at. Then if you buy something that is a featured product on the app. you can get 50 points , up to 2.500 points in rewards.

You can then cash in the reward points for a gift card to Amazon. CVS, or one of many stores or restaurants listed. You can spend the gift card in store or online. I spent one recently that was $10.00 for CVS. I used it in the store. They scanned it from my cell phone.

The next app is Shopkicks. That one is probably the most fun. There are many ways to accumulate points with Shopkicks. You can scan items in the stores, and get points that way, without buying anything at all.  There are some stores where you can get points just by walking through the door of the store, and not buying anything. The stores near me that I get points for walking into are CVS, Walmart, Kroger , and TJ Max.

You can also buy products that are listed on the Shopkicks app, and upload the receipts. So if that store has a “walk through the door points” for it, then you will get those points, plus whatever you scan in the store, plus anything you buy and upload the receipt for.

I have found that the Shopkicks points accumulate quickly, as long as I remember to have the app turned on when I walk into stores, and scan products when I am out shopping. I

You can use your Shopkicks points for Gift cards. I always exchange my points for a Walmart gift card. I use self checkout and Walmart, and the machine lets you scan the gift card on your cell phone.

The third app I use is Ibotta. This one takes me the longest to accumulate points on, but you can get them transferred as cash to your Paypal account, once they get to 20 dollars worth of points. You can also trade the points in for gift cards, if you prefer. I always send my Ibotta points as cash to my Paypal account. The money appears in my Paypal within minutes.

There is also an app that I have called Sweatcoins. That app gives you points for walking. It only counts outdoor walking, so you have to make sure the app is open when you are out of the house. It will even count steps you take between the car and the grocery store, or other small walks you are doing. It doesn’t have to be a whole workout, to get the steps counted.

There are not very many good rewards on the Sweatcoins app, at this time, but they are promising to add more in the future. So you can accumulate your steps, and sweatcoins on the app, and use them later on, when the app adds better rewards. It is some motivation to do some extra walking, or jogging. so I think that is a benefit.


I will out some codes here, that you  can use, that will give you bonus points when you open the account. None of these apps charge you anything. There are no fees or anything like that.

If you remember to enter the codes below. you and I will both get a few dollars in bonus points.


Fetch  HV1N2

Shopkicks  FUN288596

Ibotta  tiswjoc


Happy shopping ! Happy earning !