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Violence and Harassment of Young Women in Bangladesh – Eve Teasing

Eve Teasing is a problem of sexual harassment of young girls in the streets by the young men in Bangladesh. This is an ongoing problem for the girls and their families, who live in bangladesh.  Young women have to walk in fear to get from school to their homes.

Eve-teasing is an euphemism used throughout South Asia, in countries such as India, Pakistan,[15] and Bangladesh,[16] for public sexual harassment or molestation (often known as “street harassment“) of women by men, where Eve alludes to the very first woman, according to the Biblical creation story.[17] Sexual harassment affects many women in Bangladesh, especially teenage girls, where the girls are intimidated in the streets, are shouted obscenities at, laughed at, or grabbed by their clothes.  Wikipedia

As you will see from the evidence in the following video, Eve “teasing” is more that just verbal teasing of young women and girls. It is sexual harassment and it can become physical.

The young men in this video grab the girl and restrain her so that she cannot continue along her way.

They also threaten her with a weapon. The term “Eve Teasing” is very misleading, as this common hostile threat upon girls in Bangladesh , is very frightening to the girls.

This next video is a message to the young men in Bangladesh not to treat strange women in this way because “What if it were your mother, sister, fiancee or friend?”

This next video shows a mother who stopped her car to scold the boys who were Eve Teasing the her daughter. Wouldn’t you do the same?

This is a form of stalking. The boys will wait along paths that they know certain girls must follow to get home. The sometimes they will follow the girls, yelling obscene things to them.

The stalkers do not see this as a crime or think there anything wrong with it.

Eve Teasing is a terrifying thing for the young women who have to walk to get from place to place in Bangladesh.  These poor girls are terrorized just trying to get to their homes or walk in the town.

 As the rights of women are getting better in Bangladesh, hopefully this will decrease, but for now it continues as part of the day to day lives of these young women.

When asked why she did not report being stalked and harassed one young woman said…

…Sonia replied, “I am scared that the men will harm me if I even utter a word that sounds like a protesting word. What if they become angry and take me to a side and try to assault me, or even try to rape me? Do you think anyone will come ahead to save me? No, there is no one for girls like us. So, I just bear all the teasing and all those nasty words and all those nasty indications that they throw on us.”

“What about the police?” I asked her. Sonia smiles as if she has heard a joke. Then she replies, “Police just enjoy the show. They don’t help us.”  source: Dispatchesinternational.org

Eve teasing is mental abuse, emotional abuse and will cause psychological trauma in many of the victims. There is a new effort towards reducing the incidents of Eve teasing. It is called the She Police. 

Since the Hyberabad Police Commissionerate pressed 60 all-women “She Police” teams into service on December 24 last year, 23 people have been caught eve-teasing, stalking and harassing women in public places in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.  source: The Dekkan Herald

My thoughts and prayers are with these young women that this violence and abuse against them will stop.