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Why are Covert Abusers so Dangerous ?

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

What is a covert abuser, and why can they be potentially more dangerous than an overt type?

Based on my personal experiences with abusive people, as well as hearing the stories of over 100 clients, I think that people can incur great levels of psychological damage from covert abusers.

Covert types of abusers are more difficult to identify and mentally label as abusers. When I say to “mentally label” them, I mean for the victim to believe in their own minds that this person is an abuser.

The partners and family members of these covert types have a much more difficult time accepting that the person is intentionally harmful and manipulative. The victims tend to rationalize this type of abuser’s behavior, even after they have recognized the behavior itself as abusive.

The victims of these covert types of abusers tend to go back to them, out of guilt, concern and…

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