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BB King

I just heard that BB King has passed away. I need to go read some articles to find out more.

This is the link to where I saw this first. I was looking at find a guitar teacher online, on order to sign up as a teacher.

As a guitarist, BB King is one of my favorite players. He brought great depth and passion to the world of guitar. I saw a video of BB King playing with Eric Clapton one time. Eric is my other favorite player.

My father has always been my best fan. One day he was bringing me a used computer that he had fixed up for me. He had loaded two videos for me to watch, as my first experience with my new toy.

One of them was my favorite band  (The Rolling Stones) playing Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The other was this amazing video with Eric and BB King.

My father knows my musical taste well ! Better than anyone I know at this time. 

It was much fun watching those videos with  my Dad. I will have to send my Dad an email shortly to see if he has heard about BB King.

I would like to, and feel obligated to write a post to honor BB King this evening. Guitar players feel indebted to the greats that came before us. We would not have what we have, without them. 

We learned guitar by listening to hours of our favorite players. So when one of them has passed, it is proper to do tribute.

Thank you BB King for all you meant to me and to so many other guitarists that you inspired.