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Christmas Ornaments Crafts that I Made

ornamanet close

christmas 2 ornaments

These were easy and fun to make. I thought of the idea myself as I was taking a break from wrapping Christmas presents.

The base part of this crafts was originally the plastic spool that was holding the ribbon I was using to decorate the gifts. This spool looks like something you should throw out and I almost did.

But then I decided to wrap it like a gift and see what happened next. Once it was wrapped I thought it would look good as a flower, so I began to cut petals out of wrapping paper.

Everything was attached with tape. The ribbons were tied, curled and then attached with tape, as well.

Then you just add a loop made from ribbon and attach it to the top, for the hook to fit into. You then easily put in the hook and hang this on the tree.

christmas ornament liam

christmas ornament on tree

tree 15