Possible Serial Killer Arrested – about 2 miles from my house

Are you interested at all, to hear about the Oak Ridge Tennessee Murderer , who might turn out to be an actual serial killer ?

The details are not for everyone, so if I were to write about it, I would post a warning to skip the post if you don’t want gruesome images in your mind.

But if some of you are interested to hear about the case, I will write about it. The guy was arrested about a month ago, in August. Stranger and more horrific details have come out since the arrest.

The scariest part for me was that he was a few minutes drive from where I live. It’s very strange and scary.

He was actually even closer to my older daughter’s house, which disturbed me even more than him living close to my house.

He was like a few minute walk from her. So I didn’t like that very much.

This is the kind of murdered that causes police to get PTSD after going through the house, so this murderer is on the evil level of someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, except that they only found one body (as far as they are releasing) at this time.

Based on the “Most Evil” ratings scale… (Have you ever watched that show ? They have episodes on youtube), …. I think he would be the highest level rating.

From the details I have read, I fully believe that he would have continued doing similar, horrific things if he had not been arrested.

Also, one article mentioned “a series of gruesome crimes between December 2019 and August 2020.

That could be in regards to this one murder case (I will explain if you want me to write about it), or it could he that they are beginning to tie him to open cases in Oak Ridge.

Anyway, it’s weird.

But I thought maybe some of you might want to hear about it.

They seem to be keeping a low media profile about this case, which makes me think they are currently investigating other murders from this same guy.

Anyway…..let me know. And if you dont want to get creepy stuff in your head, please skip that post if I write it. It is extreme and I don’t want anyone disturbed by one of my posts.

Take care and be well,


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