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Police Violence against Civilians and New law against VideoTaping the Police

You have seen many video tapes lately of the police acting in ways that are unconstitutional and a violation of civilian rights. There has been a lot of media coverage as well as internet posts of recordings and video, by people who were witnessing the police using uncalled for violence against an alleged law breaker.

In response to the video tapes, the government is beginning to tighten their reigns on the American people.

A new law was passed in Illinois about recording with video or audio devices any police while on duty. The new law  that went into effect December 4, makes the recording of police arrests, chases, apprehensions or any other interactions a Class 3 felony for the 1st offense and a Class 2 felony for a second offense.

The law can be viewed at the Illinois government web site, link below.

If you view the page, you will need to scroll down about half way until you get to the Eavesdropping Law

Illinois is first. Who knows how many states will follow. What is it that the government is afraid of about the citizens being allowed to videotape the police? Is the violence against the public going to continue or get worse?

Below is a link to the Martin Armstrong blog about this topic.

It is Now a Felony to Tape the Police Abuse in Illinois

God help us all if the police are not accountable to the American people.