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Sun High Orchard Activity for the Kids


This weekend is Halloween weekend. I promised my daughter that we would do fun activities on that weekend. I am planning to take her to the Haunted Scare House, but I want to do a daytime activity too.


Sun High Orchard is a family owned farm that is about a 15 minute drive to get to from my house. They have animals that you can feed like sheep, and goats. There are a lot of bunnies….YAY! If you have been following me for a while then you know how I love love love bunnies.



There is a little store there that sells homemade bread, apple butter, and jellies. The store has some antiques as decorations, which will be interesting for my daughter to see. I think the last time I took her she was too young to appreciate the antiques.


There are some photos from the web site HERE

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Are Ponies Real?

My 18 year old daughter relayed this funny story to me today. She was spending time with her little 7 year old cousin. This is my niece, who is a very cute little girl.

My daughter recently was hired at her first job. She will be starting this coming week and of course is very excited. She was telling my little niece that when she got paid, she would be able to buy her a little gift, with her first paycheck.

My daughter was being silly with her and said  “I can get you something you will like, but not a ferris wheel or a pony.”

The little one looked at her and said, “I do not want a ferris wheel and ponies are not even real ! “

My daughter was kind of stunned and said to her  “You don’t think ponies are real?”

The little one said, “NO silly! You know that unicorns and ponies are not real ! “

At this point my 8 year old nephew chimed in with  ” Unicorns are too real !   I saw one in the yard one time ! “

The older brother who is 13 said  “That was a deer ! It was not a unicorn ! “

At this point in telling me the story, my daughter was laughing so hard she could hardly continue.

Apparently my daughter’s uncle was there are decided to chime in. He asked them,  “Are mermaids real?” 

“No,”  they said.

“Are horses real?”

“Yes,” they said

“Are zebras real?”

The little boy said, “Yes we saw a zebra at the zoo last year.”

To which his father, who has a goofy sort of sense of humor, said  “No. That was not a Zebra. It was a Zoobra. “

All of the kinds just stared at him and were not sure what to think.

Once my daughter stopped  laughing, then she went through all the animals with them. The fairy tale ones and the real ones. I guess they all had different opinions about which animals were real and which ones weren’t real.

It must be a funny land inside of a child’s mind.