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Spider Web Art ; Comment Your Favorite ! #1, #2, #3 , #4 , #5

#1 Purple
#2 Light Pink
#3 Blue
#4 Green
#5 Dark Pink

These were really fun to create. I didn’t know they were going to look like spider webs, when I started working on them. I usually don’t have a clear picture in mind, when I begin on these designs.

After showing them to my teenager, they said it looked like a spider in web. Hence the title of the post Spider Web Art.

Comment below, if you have a favorite, or more than one preferred color scheme. It’s fun to interact with you and hear your preferences.

** If you would like to see a color that does not appear here, let me know ! I will try to do an edit with that color, and post it this week. **

I am still learning how to use the various editing tools, so it’s a learning process. I believe that learning new things is good for your brain function and allows for more plasticity in the neural pathways. I am getting older and I want to keep my brain as good as possible for as long as possible.

So feel free to give me the challenge to try your favorite color, and I’ll work on designing it.

Wishing you all peace and inspiration,

Annie 💗