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Reading Random Various Blogs for Inspiration

I was reading through random blogs today and enjoying hearing other people’s ideas. I came across one particular blog and there were some very interesting ideas that spoke to me.

The main thing I am thinking right now, that I want to share with you, is the value of reading other people’s blogs. Not just other blogs, but blogs that are outside of your usual routine.

Every now and then, just type some tags in and see what pops up. Read some random blogs that you know nothing about. Even type in a tag that you would normally not type in. There are actually a lot of interesting things that come up when you type in the tag  “blogging”

Tonight I was looking at various blogs and I came across this young man’s blog about his struggle with mental illness. I really likes the way he described things. There was a different slant on things than the way I usually think about them, or at least write about them. The ideas rang true with me and I felt inspired by them, to write.

“We are not machines, we are people. We are not built, we are grown, We cannot be fixed, we need to heal”

This is a quote from brodybetz blog 

I love this blog because this young man knows how to communicate about how thoughts and feelings in a meaningful, transparent way that shows that vulnerability can mean strength. I was struck by his words of inspiration and I wanted to share some of them with you. I just happened to stumble upon this blog tonight.

“my brain was working overtime to keep up with me, and that it would lead to crashes in my system that would leave me feeling tired, apathetic, and depressed.” bodybretz

I think that this quote depicts the way that so many of have felt. Our brains are running too fast. Our thoughts are going and going and going and torturing us. It seems like the more anxiety we have, the faster these thoughts go that are running through our heads. The faster the thoughts run through our heads, the greater our anxiety gets. We have no way to stop the thoughts and feelings that seem to be attacking us.

The idea of a “crash in the system” is very interesting. When a computer gets viruses in it or gets overloaded for some other reason, the system “crashes.” I think that this is a very good analogy of mental illness. PTSD is an overload of stress on the system.

What happens is PTSD is that a person experiences too much fear and trauma, for too long. Then the “system” being the brain, crashes and can no longer tolerate fear and anxiety. It can no longer deal with any reminders of the trauma. The person’s brain can no longer do it’s job properly, as far as differentiating threat levels.

Anxiety causes a system crash also. The obsessive thoughts get worse and worse, until our brain can no longer function properly. Our social skills become affected. Our decision making process is affected.

Even our ability to leave the house and go to work can be shut down. I have had days that I barely got out the door for work, because the anxiety in my brain made me feel so threatened.

Depression is also a system crash. We feel depressed for a day, and then another day. The longer it continues, the more our brains don’t work. We have trouble remembering the simplest things. When I am severely depressed. I have trouble remembering a simple direction for a task, that a coworker gave me a few minutes  earlier.

So, I thought I would share these thoughts in my head with you. I like to read random blogs sometimes, just to explore for treasure. If I find an idea that sparks my creative thought process, then it was worth taking the time to sift through the blogs and see what gold is there.

We learn and grow from hearing other people’s ideas. Often our ideas come out, after our minds follow a path of thought which was initiated by another person’s idea. Sometimes our brains take bits and pieces of other ideas and then end up coming to a conclusion that the none of the other people got to.