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Haiku Challenge from Ronovan Writes Blog – Tide and Flesh

Gently over her 

Sweetly silken flesh did the

Cleansing tide renew

Haiku Poetry Challenge Tide , Flesh from Ronovan Write’s ronovanwrites blog

The rules are simple.

  • Take the two words and write a Haiku. I use Haiku in English as my style, which is 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third, but you can use what you like. For syllable help visit
  • The two words can be used as you like. Words have different definitions and you can use the definitions you like. You can even use a synonym word as long as it does not change the meaning. Go to for Synonym help.
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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – What is the Point of Poetry?

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Writing challenge from Silver Threadings blog.

“When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of man’s existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses. “

John F.  Kennedy

I have known a few people over the years who were very intelligent yet said to me that they did not understand poetry. It did not make any sense to them. It was just a bunch of words strewn together with no point. What was the practical purpose?

I have decided to add this statement to my personal list of red flags of men not to date. Please do not take offense if you do not like poetry. This goes beyond not “liking” poetry. These were people that truly did not understand what they were reading at all. 

Keep in mind, that… loving poetry and having the capacity to understand the point of it are two different things.

Understanding the depths and richness of emotion in poetry requires a certain level of empathy. Understanding  “the point”  of poetry at all requires some passion within the soul.

The point of poetry is humanity.

The desire and pursuit of power above all else has a tendency to deaden the soul and darken the spirit. 

I no longer intend to spend my heart and emotions on people who have low levels or non-existent empathy. You do not have to agree with a poem to understand that point of it is “to feel something” and to connect with the human condition.

This practice of trying to detach from the human condition by denying one’s own empathy and humanness is something that could be the downfall of humanity itself.

Feeling is at the heart of my writing. Where the pursuit of ultimate power begins to strip away the empathy from men, I believe that keeping poetry alive in my heart and pen will keep empathy alive in me. It is in the human connection that we live fully. This inevitably comes with pain but pain is part of life’s design. 

If the ability of being able to see the point of understanding another person’s pain becomes lost. then we are all lost…are we not?

It is better to feel pain sometimes in order to be vulnerable enough to experience deep connection, passion and love. To feel our own pain as well as that of another person. 

Empathy also means being able to understand the passion and the love that another person feels. Passion that burns within a soul. Love that feels all encompassing…

That is empathy. That is poetry.

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New Part Time Job

I got a job today as a Mother’s Helper. I found the job on Sitter It is about 15 minutes away, so that is not bad at all.

The lady is very nice and she has two pre-teen kids. They just need someone there for company, snacks, homework and things like that. I felt a very good vibe with the lady and I feel good about having a part time job that has regular hours.

Once I get a few more Life Coaching clients and a few guitar student. then I should become more financially stable. That will be a great relief.

When I lost my CNA job due to licensing problems I cashed out an IRA from my last job. This money lasted me to live on since May. I was very careful to spend it sparingly.

But a few days ago the balance, which was once 4,000 dollars had finally become $ 1.50. That is to say One Dollar and fifty cents.

I stayed calm and did not completely panic, although I felt like it. Then I got 3 responses from my resume the next day.

So I think I will make it another week and then I will be paid by the new job. I actually had to borrow 30 dollars from my 18 year old for gas and a little bit of food. I felt shameful to have to do that. But now I know I can return her money soon.

I do have a few life coaching clients and that is going very well. I really love that work. I mostly have people who are recently out of an abusive relationship or who are dealing with social anxiety and self esteem issues.

You never quite know where life will take you. You have to take a step now and then and follow along until you create a path in under your feet.

It is nice to meet new people. I enjoyed visiting with the lady this evening. I have been self isolating for too long after getting out of the abusive relationship I was in.

It is time to dip my toe back into the pool. The water always feels cold at first but it warms up.

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You’re an Abelia


“I believe you’re an abelia.” Nannie said to me as she slipped her well-used hand pruners into the large, practical front pocket of her hand-made cotton dress.

Had she called me an abelia a few hours earlier the label would have seemed meaningless, even nonsensical. Nothing my grandmother said to me had ever been meaningless or nonsensical and neither was her labeling me an abelia. In fact, after the conversation we’d just had, it made me feel hopeful.

Nannie had asked me one evening if I could come over the next day to help her trim some bushes that grew along the side of her old farmhouse. I always agreed to help her do anything she asked and not just because she was the perfect grandmother. She was also fun, funny, cheerful, and the most encouraging person I’ve ever known. Being around her was uplifting and helping her do anything…

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I love you from a distance

Just the way you are standing now

Blue eyes so haunting

Smile with slight sadness

Broken and bruised in your past

Strong shoulders carrying the weight

Compassion that comes from

Knowing the opposite

I love you over there

With all the parts to your story

That I added in my mind

Gentle touch of your masculine hands

Ability to listen and understand

Laughter that heals

from the outside in

Heart of an angel

Propensity for sin

I love you over there

From across this room

No need to approach you

Or learn your name

The way that you move

Painted on the canvas

In my brain

I love the parts of you I can see

And the parts I added on

To add one color stroke

Or to remove one flaw

Would be a sadness

I could not bear at all

So I will love you from over here

Watching you with my eyes

Picturing you in my mind

You will forever be my love

Across the room

Loved from afar

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Morning Anxiety …Anxiety Disorder and Food

I typically wake up with severe anxiety in the morning. Yesterday evening I came across some information that might be helpful for anyone who shares this condition with me.

Apparently cortisone levels are high in the morning, after you have been sleeping all night….well all night may be more or less accurate depending on your insomnia….

Cortisone is the stress hormone. It is usually released when your brain senses some kind of threat.

I guess that low blood sugar must be seen as a threat by our “reptilian brain”. That is the part of brain that is focused on survival. It is in our subconscious and focuses on food, sex and safety and threat.

So when you have not eaten in 10 or 12 hours, this part of the brain is looking for food in terms of survival. I assume this accounts for the cortisole hormone being released at high levels in the morning but I am still planning to research it more for you all and myself.

So this video I was watching was saying that if you already suffer from anxiety disorder then your cortisone will likely be really super high in the mornings, sending your stress and anxiety in the body way off the charts.

This also means that any time your blood sugar is low, your stress hormones go up….just something to think about.

If you are curious what I was watching, it was a Teal Swan video about anxiety. Although all of this basic information about cortisole is public domain, her particular take on it spoke to me.

Anyway I guess we are supposed to eat something right away in the morning….even if you keep something by your bed like a bannana, granola bar and bottled water.

Eating in the morning is not something I ever think of or have desire to do. But I am going to try for a week and see what changes there are…if any. I will let you know.

I cannot start doing this until October 3rd or so when my food stamps go in, as I am currently saving what food is left for the kids. But I will do it from about Oct 4 through the 11th and then let you know.

If there is anyone else with severe anxiety in the morning that wants to experiment with a change in their morning routine in any way, food related or otherwise, and then let us know about it here, feel free.

You can even write a guest post for me or send a pingback to this post on your blog post.