Be Yourself


Pizza and Honey

Annie’s been sick in her bed
And a little bit too in her head
She fed pizza to Bunny
Then her kids carrots and honey
I think that’s enough to be said

Don’t Let Annie Write Limericks

There was a young woman from Druck
Who really loved only to suck
She sucked on big lollies
That gave her the jollies
And woke up with her hair all stuck

Annie’s Top 10 List – Things a Nursing Home Aide Does not Want to Hear

10. Beatrice was right there a minute ago.

9. I would have sworn I put a diaper on her.

8. The only juice left to give them is prune juice.

7. The coffee maker in the break room is broken.

6. We are having a fire drill at 9pm.

5. It’s a full moon.

4. You go tell them we  have no ice cream  for dessert.

3. Why is Paul wearing Connie’s nightgown?

2. They just waxed the floor.

1. Aren’t  those Mary’s clothes in the tv room?