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The Physical Abuse

I have mostly experienced mental abuse from my partners. There was financial abuse and neglect of basic needs also. There was violence in the form of breaking my things and punching holes in the walls of the house.

I had personal things stolen, disposed of, broken and my personal space violated. I had money stolen out of my purse. I was threatened , verbally abused and psychologically abused.

There were 3 different guys that were abusive to me. The first 2 were similar with the violent outbursts and unpredictable tempers. Living with them was like walking on egg shells or being on thin slippery ice. It was constant anxiety and fear with them. I was only hit one time. I have never spoken about it before, but I decided to talk about it today.

There is a post on my Lovely Wounded Lady Blog that describes what happened and what the long term damage was to my body.

The most recent abusive person I was with, was never physically abusive but he actually hurt me the most. He was more than a borderline narcissist. He an anti-social personality and he was very intelligent. But he is not the person I am speaking about it the post.

It has taken me until now to write this post. I feel good that I was able to post it. It shows some progress in my journey of healing.

Thank you to all of my readers for bearing with me as I pick through all the abuse I have experienced since childhood and through adulthood. I believe that we need to grow and learn about ourselves and also about abusive people, in order to be able to protect ourselves. We need stronger self esteem to move forward in our lives.

I have been stuck in slow gear for a while now, due to the mental trauma of my past. I am thankful to the blogging world that I have been able to make some progress towards healing.