Beautiful Wharton Lake

whart la

whar lake 3

whar lake

ANgles ColORs

windows double  7.jpg

windows doublw 8.jpg

More pictures from The Windows

window sunset pretty

windows double close.jpg

window double 2

window double.jpg

Indoors Looking Out – Photography

window sunset


window sunset 3

window sunset pretty




Wharton Lake

whart lawhar lake

whar lake 3whar la

Clouds Like Cotton in the Sky

clouds 3


A View from Inside the Beautiful New Jersey Woods

heggen park

hedden park


Beautiful Reflections in the Lake at Hedden Park

lake picturelake tree reflection

Near to the Last Pictures of Green …Soon the Leaves Will Turn More Colors


trees sunlightsun tree 3

trees slanted

brooktrees high

stormy skystorm drving 2

park trees lake rocks

Reflections in the Water – photography



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