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Dreaming of the Ocean Creative Visualization

Calming myself by picturing lying on a beautiful exotic beach. One day I would like to go to one.

If you close your eyes and do a creative visualization, you can feel yourself someplace you would like to be.

Creative visualization is good for anxiety relief and can distract you from pain ( to a point)

I hear the ocean waves. I hear those sea gulls. I feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin. I feel the light ocean breeze blowing across my skin.

For a realistic visualization that will pull you in, use every possible sense. Touch, feel on your skin, temperature.

Smell. Taste. I think I would be sipping cold ice tea or to make my visualization even better…ice cold Corona with lime wedges.

Hearing. The sounds of the waves,…

Beach Dreaming

Scheduled post. I am probably asleep. I will check in with you all, when I wake up from my nap. I was too sick to sleep well for nights in a row.

Actually last night I never slept. I just laid in the bed and then got up to go the ER a round 5am.

Ahh, the ocean waves sound so beautiful. ..