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Thanksgiving Meet-up on Gentlekindness Blog


On Thursday  you are invited to connect with all of us here. Thanksgiving is the first of the holiday season and can trigger depression and anxiety in many people. Others are feeling lonely during the holidays.

If you are feeling alone or just want to connect, you can come here on Thanksgiving. I will create posts during the day that you can leave comments and also leave links to your own posts.

If you want to contribute a Guest Post , A Poem, or a Letter , feel free to do so. If you want me to post something for you, you can contact me at michelemimimish@gmail.com

If you have posts that you want to post the links to, you will see posts you can put them in the comments section of.

Artwork, poetry , details of what you are doing or how you are feeling are all welcome. Everyone is encouraged  to leave kind, thoughtful comments on anything that others leave.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Meet-up on Gentlekindness Blog”

  1. What a sweet and thoughtful idea, M. You really touch the heart. I’d planned on steamroll cleaning my parlor on T-Day, because I have no plans and it’s really hard for me without them. I hate that stupid ache in the chest that you get when you realize that you’re going to be alone again on a holiday. So dumb, isn’t it. Fact is, my diningroom has been uprooted for months in anticipation of the baby grand that is FINALLY due to arrive next week, and the diningroom table having been moved to the parlor to receive pile after pile of crap until it can hardly even be located…..! Yeah. Quite the scene. Fact is, I just played a lovely concert Saturday night, and have what others envy, so I only reveal to a select few how awful the holidays feel for me. You are one of them! So – thanks for this plan. I will definitely check in, between cleaning spurts, on Thursday! See you in here! {{ hugs }} R.A.

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    1. I will look forward to hearing from you on Thursday. Thank you for sharing and connecting . I do have to deal with a dinner with my ex in laws for the sake of my oldest daughter and at the protest of my youngest daughter , which makes a difficult situation.
      But then I will be here before and after that situation.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment here about the idea.
      Annie 🙂

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