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Kindness Matters

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It is how you treat others and everything you do. It is in the choices you make and the life you lead. Kindness brings so much positive energy to the world when it in compasses you.

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5 thoughts on “Kindness Matters”

  1. Gentle Kindness, the name I truly believe was meant for you from birth.
    Every time, or so it seems now, that I am really down and blue,
    a reassuring hand and kind word is offered,
    then as I struggle back to my feet,
    other colors start to mix with the darkness and gloom,
    yellows and red, greens, purple, and even light blue.
    By then I know, it can only be you.
    Thank You for being you….
    Merry Christmas,

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      1. Annie, this was simply the way I truly felt until almost the end, and that is when I wanted you to really know how much you mean to me as a Friend, and that you really do seem to be right there when I am so down and blue.
        Thank You!!!!


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