3 thoughts on “There is Light Beyond the Darkness of Mental Abuse”

  1. True, such a good post. As we grow in mastery of ourselves, learning from the past..
    as we become so conversant and start to heal some of our own subconscious shadow land content, we become much harder to manipulate from that center.Those things can’t be used against us so easily. These days, the first time someone shows me that I don’t matter to them…I know they are not the one. It’s like Maya Angelou said
    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”

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    1. I like that quote. Psychopaths often do reveal who they are early in the relationship. We just don;t really listen when they say something disturbing in the midst of the love bombing.
      They are very sweet at the beginning of the relationship and it is hard to want to believe that one thing they say in passing, that is the mask slipping to reveal their true nature. Tricky business…..

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