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Insomniac Good night Blog 3:55 am :)

Time to say good night…..

The sleep will come soon. Let us hope we all sleep peacefully. We all need to rest. We work too hard.

I live in the north eastern part of the US. It gets very cold here in the winter. I can’t tolerate too many cold winters. I would like to dream of warm places tonight.

I wonder what the weather is like this time of year where you live. I hope it is comfortable for you. At least I work indoors. There are people that have to outside in this temperature for much more time than I do.

There are homeless people sleeping outside in this temperature. I will tell you one day how they survive (barely) the winters here. I have lots of stories to tell about how the homeless people live. I spent lots of time with them at one point in my life. I did not sleep outside with them but I saw there sleeping places and I sat with them on the ground to talk.

Annie has had lots of lives. Kind of like a cat. All kinds of weird experiences that most people do not know about. Stories for another day……Now it is time to sleep. I will offer a prayer for the homeless tonight , as I do every year when the weather begins to turn cold.

The first very cold night of the year, I always take some time to think of them. It is my way of respect for the fact that they are human beings, spending the entire day in the cold. Well, not the entire day, but I will tell you another day.

So, I am warm in my attack apartment. The heat rises up to here , which is nice. It was a nice time shopping with my daughter tonight.

Let’s try to think of happy things. I will leave the difficulties for tomorrow.

Peace to all of you,

Cuddle under your blankets or better yet next to a friendly warm person. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Insomniac Good night Blog 3:55 am :)”

  1. One of the things that I am grateful for each day is my warm, safe home. You really reminded me of how lucky I am to have what I have. I feel gratefulness in my heart right now, It is better than the pain I feel a lot of the time. Thanks

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    1. Thank you for your comments. I am glad for any help we could generate . The writer / reader energy force reminds me of the musician / audience energy that I used to experience when I played guitar at the bars in Baltimore. Thankfulness is a positive , healing energy for us to be in.
      My thoughts are with you.


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