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C-PTSD from on-going Mental Trauma

The psychologically traumatized brain takes unusual action to protect itself from further trauma. It adapts and activates emergency systems in order to protect the victim from danger.

The fight or flight system begins to behave differently. It adapts. Chemicals that should be flooded into the body for a few minutes during an immediate threat, begin to circulate like soldiers doing rounds.

Unnecessary functions slow down or turn off. The memory functions malfunction. The system overloads. The hippacampus part of the brain fails to properly integrate memories into the long term boxes of the brain.

PTSD happens because the constant overload of cortisol disrupts its normal function. Flashbacks cannot be differentiated by the brain from immediate threat.

Threat is everywhere. That is what the brain has learned. It adapts to the perception that the environment is unsafe. The nervous system goes on high alert.

Ongoing events of threat continue to keep the adaptation occuring. The brain learns not to be normal. Normal functions do not allow for such heightening of perception and the senses.

The senses become more alert. Every loud noise sends adrenaline throughout the body. Shadows on the fall cause the blood to pump faster from the heart and into the exremities.

Breathing becomes faster to bring more oxygen into the brain. The brain must be alert. It needs to process very quickly, at a moment’s notice.

Unexpected danger creates unacceptable odds. Danger must be anticipated. The senses can notice the slightest change in the blood pressure of the enemy.

Connection with the enemy is like a twisted dance for survival.  Any change in the emotional state of the dominator must be sensed before it can be seen.

Executive function falls in performance. The brain adapts. It sacrifices normal day to day brain functions, for heightened survival functions.

The entire nervous system is systematically disregulated by the enemy. The brain fights back. It must adapt.

Integration of memories and events becomes blurred. The line between reality and imagination becomes dangerously thinner and thinner.

The enemy is present all the time. Even when he is not there. Constant hypervigilance commands the body.

Sleep is no longer restful. Full sleep ststes are dangerous. They leavr the victim vulnerable. Sleep deprivation further interferes with the brain’s capacity to perceive reality.

Flashbacks occur simultaneously with new incidents of abuse. Now “traumatization” and “retraumatization” happen intertwined.

PTSD is fully lit throughout the nervous system and the brain. As new terrors at the whim of the monster cause more trauma which will result in PTSD later on.

Emotion goes into shock. Reality becomes arrested and only exists inside of the abuse cycles.

There is no safe way out. Every option is turned over in the brain. Looked at upside down and backwards. And yet….the scenarios play out upon the mental stage and end the same way.

Sometimes the perception of reality of the victim dances close to psychosis. The brain adapts. Organizational systems are nearly shut down. Processing and regular thinking is severely slowed.

This is brain fog. This is darkness. This is how the brain adapts to ongoing, constant imminent danger. Danger just around the corner.

The system becomes toxic as high levels of cortisol and adrenaline are continuously doing their rounds. Making sure the victim can run…freeze….hide…or fight back.

8 thoughts on “C-PTSD from on-going Mental Trauma”

  1. 2 years out I now have days in which I’m functioning, and I am totally freaked out at bad I got. I went from a smart, professional, full time working mom with friends, family & interests to nothing. I was chronically ill, and spent my days doing the bare minimum so I could go back to sleep. Still a work in progress, but hoping to get there. The effect is unbelievable.

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    1. The chronic illness you are experiencing is also a symptom of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.

      The mental torment takes a toll and manifests in the body.

      I was hospitalized three times within a 2 month period after an abusive relationship. I had various infections, including kidneys and colitis. My immune system had crashed.

      Sleep deprivation from abuse and PTSD will also cause an immune system crash.


  2. This psychical manifestation is so debilitating.
    I am barely functioning some days and can’t wait to go to sleep.
    The days after I work only a couple of days in a row are spent sleeping 12 hours and exhausted.
    I developed high blood pressure, nightmares, anxiety, chronic pain and a host of other things.
    One year out I am just now starting to feel a tiny bit better but most days are just exhausting.


  3. Adrenal Fatigue! Or Chronic Fatigue Snydrome. The over firing of the stress hormone. Working hard to combat the stress that comes so often, so much. It begins to shut down, not able to keep up with the stress overload. Burn out encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Stress becomes more easily a daunting overwhelm of emotion. Etc. Cyclic battle!
    PTSD is one of the culprits. Although, the professionals have no real cause, except to say too much stress, too often will cause adrenal fatigue. I believe it is a direct cause and affect of having PTSD.

    Off thought: Having a Deja Vu’ ……………which is good!

    Person with PTSD. Also a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), and much more.
    Not a good combination. Adrenal Fatigue is the after affects.

    Thanks for sharing!


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