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Put the Oxygen on Yourself First

My mind is intelligent
But my thoughts are disorganized
My emotions are distorted
My life is confused

My spirit is kind
My talent is creative
My soul is compassionate
My brain is confused

I clean and I wash
I write and sing
I play guitar and write songs
I youtube and blog

As hard as I try

Something always feels neglected

I always feel behind, inadequate

There’s not enough money
There’s not enough time
But there’s lot’s of opinions
On what I should do

Other people’s suggestions
Are not workable in my life
They do not take into account
Who I am or what I want to do

They say that my needs are not
the point, the priority
Apparently my ability to keep up
Is of no consequence

Their feelings matter
Even though they
Do not have to live my life
Or suffer the consequences

They all think they know
What is best for my children
What I am doing wrong
What I should be doing better

But they never lived my life
Suffered my pain
Worked as hard for as little
They could not survive what I have been through

They do not understand

that I have to be ok

And take care of myself

In order to take care of others

They all prioritize themselves
But tell me that my needs
Are not the point
My feelings are of no consequence

To them I do  not matter
My needs are not the point
I should just cease to have opinions

Or stop burdening others with them

But you know
That’s just how they are
They want their way about everything
Even about what I should do

With my life
And how I should take care of my kids
And what I should do about my career
They want to take all my choices away

On the airplane, the stewardess
Always says that in an emergency
Put the oxygen on yourself first
Before putting it on your loved one

This is not to be mean
Or to care more about yourself
It is because you will pass out
Or die from oxygen deprivation

And then
How can you take care of the others?

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