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Fall Drive to See the Colorful Trees – See Things from a Different Angle

fall trees drivefall tree

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My daughter loves nature and photography. She is 12 years old and has am anxiety disorder. One of the ways I try to help her is to take her for a drive and give her my cell phone camera to take pictures. 

She is getting better and better at photography. She is able to see the art in the nature. As you can see from these photos, she is experimenting with getting different and unusual angles. 

I like these interesting angles. It is a reminder that it is often good to look at things from a completely different point of view. The pictures look different that way because you were not conditioned to tip your head and see things slanted or sideways. 

Sometimes if we have a problem that we cannot seem to figure out…there does not seem to be any answer…we feel trapped… is time to tip our heads and look at the situation from a different frame….a different point of view….

….even the point of view of the person involved…..If we can see things from inside of their head then we can know better what to say and what will get them to make choices that are the best for everyone. .,,,

…Or to see yourself in a different frame….one that shows your true self worth and value….one that does not mirror the identity that others have forced upon you for the benefit of their own agenda. 

You are beautiful because of WHO you are not what you do right or what you think you do wrong. Sometimes things seem wrong because others convince you they are. Try to detach yourself from the beliefs that others have imposed upon you and get in touch with what you really think and feel. 

There is a matrix that you are living in that makes you think that certain thoughts you have are your own. If you can detach from the matrix brainwashing and get into a state of mind that can access your real self, then you can see what really matters. 

You matter and your feelings matter. If you follow the rule that Teal Swan suggests, “What would someone who loves themselves do?” …you will be able to make choices that are more supportive and create an environment for yourself that supports you. 

Being forced to follow what the matrix tells you can violate your own integrity and values. This can cause depression and anxiety disorders. Part of the matrix is that you are trained to feel obligated to certain people such as family and friends. 

You are supposed to be a “good daughter” a “good son” ..a “good supportive wife”….”a good sister”…even when the person acts in ways that injure you….or makes you follow along with things that go against your real values. 

You need to clean off the veil that keeps you from seeing things the way you were meant to see them…the way that supports your well being without judgement of your actions.

Blessings and Love,

Annie ❤