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Mother’s Love for Teenage Daughter Poem

*This is a poem I wrote for my daughter when she was 16 years old, after a traumatic sweater incident.   As out children get older, we come to the realization that we will not always be able to protect them from the troubles in the world. The ideal of “Mommy can Fix Everything with a Kiss”  becomes something like a dream from a past life.  There is a sadness to this realization that they will be going out into a world that often has darkness to it. So the little “fixes” we can offer take on a whole new meaning. 


With my Own Two Hands

Sirens whiz by on the road outside
Someone unknown to me is in trouble
I say a silent prayer.

The six o’clock news shows a video
People are homeless from a hurricane
I offer a silent prayer.

An accident occurs on the road as I drive
A person is in trouble
I call 911 on my cell.

My daughter spills hair dye on the new sweater
Her grandmother gave her for Christmas.
She cries.

I take her to the store and buy her an identical one

I tell her Grandma will never know
Happy to do it because

at least
for now…
She still has problems I can fix
With my own two hands.

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Hedden Park Photography by my Daughter

park trees lake rockss

bridgeparl trees lake rocks 2

park trees lake rocks

These are pictures that my twelve year old daughter took. She is developing a love for photography. These were taken at Hedden Park which is near to my home in New Jersey.

This is a great quality time activity that costs nothing. It was relaxing to walk in the nature and enjoy the beautiful discoveries together.

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Chocolate Chip Pancakes for a Late Night Snack !

Okay so I am going to make my daughter chocolate chip pancakes at 10 pm. This is something I do once in a while just for fun. She loves to tell her friends that her mother is a little crazy and makes chocolate chip pancakes for a late night snack.

Life has to be whimsical for me sometimes and I like to share that with my kids. They are only young once and sometimes things should just be for fun .

I am taking her to the grocery store to get the pancake mix and then we will be making them, 

Try to do something like this…that is off the wall and does not make any logical sense. It does not hurt anyone and it breaks up the regular schedule and the monotony of being on autopilot.

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First Cake Baked by my Daughter

My 12 year old daughter asked me if she could learn to bake. I suggested cookies but she had her heart set on cake, so cake it was!

Chocolate cake with pink icing

This was about two weeks ago. She enjoyed the baking, even though the cake came out a bit lop sided.

I always make lop sided cakes. It has been that way for years. My kids are so used to them that they expect cakes to look that way.

They have never complained and have always enjoyed them. They taste good.

I enjoyed this quality time with my daughter. Maybe baking will become a favorite activity of hers.





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Preteen Daughter Taking Care of Me

I was still not feeling well this morning but I was able to make my way out of bed to make food for the kids.

As the day progressed the feelings of weekness, fatigue and pain everywhere came back more and more.

I drove my older daughter to bible study. I knew I was never going to be able to drive her back. She just texted me that she got a ride.

My younger one said, “Mom, don’t worry. I will take care of you. She just mixed up my therflu with the orange tea she made for me.

It is so nice when your children are compassionate for you. I was proud of her.

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Prom Night for my Little Girl

All dressed up for prom

Dress of black and pretty heels

Hair all done in ringlet curls

So many things to feel

Adventure awaits you 

Music and dancing

Handsome young man

So charming and fetching

As I watch you spin

and twirl in the mirror

I still see my little girl

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My Baby is Going to Prom !

promMy baby is 18 !

 I don’t know how it happened. I remember taking her to the Discovery Zone and she climbed all up in those plastic tubes, that the little kids like to do. She was so good at them.

When she  was less than 2 years old, she was a gifted climber and could go faster and climb over all the 8 year olds in the tubes. The other kids would look at me and ask “How old is she? We have never seen a little baby do that.”

So, tonight is her Prom night. Well actually she and her boyfriend are going to a fancy dinner. They are getting all dressed up, just like they were going to the prom.

The prom tickets are priced so high, that the kids that are not rich cannot afford to go. The tickets are $200 a piece. That is $400 per couple, plus dinner, plus dresses etc.

I did not have the money to give her. He could not afford 2 tickets.

They made this very adult decision to make their own prom…

Due to the ridiculous cost of the prom tickets, they made an alternate plan. They discussed it like adults and made the decision together. I was very proud of both of them.

Neither of them tried to make me feel bad about not having the money for the tickets. In fact, they did not even ask me because they knew it would make me feel bad.

He is taking her to a surprise restaurant. He is getting all dressed up and so is she. My daughter is so beautiful and she looks drop dead gorgeous when she gets dressed up.

little girl

I remember Halloween. She wore an out fit that her boyfriend had bought for her at the Renaissance Festival. It was a sexy gypsy costume with the bangles that jingle and she looked really amazing.

I saw him come up the stairs and look at her. He just looked and his jaw dropped. He said…

“Wow. That was the best money I ever spent ! “

SO, cute.

Anyway, she is getting prettied up right now. I picked up black tights that she asked me grab at CVS and also bobby pins. I surprised her with a pretty hair piece that I saw, and I thought it would look pretty in her hair.

Maybe I will post some pics later this evening.


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Embrace Your Uniqueness

You have unique gifts and a special touch that is yours, and yours alone. There is no other person just like you.

Your voice, your skills, and the way that you touch others, is something that resides in your spirit and your individuality. 

Allow yourself to be the perfect soul that you are. It is not the failures and mistakes that make up who you are, but the minutes and the moments that you touched another soul, in only the way that you could.

Your touch and your voice are needed in the world. Embrace your uniqueness, that is different from anyone else in the world. 

ebrace your uniqueness